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Colombian Hot Dogs (Perro Caliente Colombiano)

63 comments July 3, 2009
Colombian Hot Dogs (Perro Caliente Colombiano)

Colombian-Style Hot Dogs is one of those recipes that I really enjoyed preparing. There are a lot of things that I miss about my country, but the three that I miss the most are my family, my friends and the food. Medellin, like other cities in the world, has hot dogs stands on the streets […]

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Colombian Style Stuffed Potatoes (Papas Rellenas Colombianas)

51 comments June 9, 2009
Colombian Food-Papas Rellenas

Papas Rellenas are a popular Colombian food that we eat for breakfast or as a snack. You can serve these Colombian Stuffed Potatoes hot or cold and they are delicious with ají sauce. Colombians have different versions of Papas Rellenas. I called my aunt in Florida to get my grandmother’s recipe for this one. Some […]

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Cheese Stuffed Corn Cakes (Arepas Rellenas de Queso)

61 comments May 29, 2009
Arepa rellena de queso

Arepas are definitely one my favorite Colombian dishes and these stuffed arepas with mozzarella cheese or Arepas Rellenas de Queso are absolutely delicious.

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Sancocho de Gallina (Chicken or Hen Sancocho)

73 comments April 22, 2009

Sancocho is a common Colombian dish that you can make with fish, plantain, beef, chicken, pigeon peas or pork. Sancocho de gallina or Sancocho Valluno is originally from the Colombian Region El Valle. Traditionally this soup is made with hens, but you can use chicken too. I have a lot of good memories associated with […]

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Ají Picante (Colombian Hot Sauce)

45 comments April 18, 2009
Ají Picante (Colombian-Style Hot Sauce)|

Ají picante or Ají Piqué is a spicy sauce from my hometown Antioquia. We keep it in the refrigerator all year round. It is an absolute must for Colombian Empanadas and it is the perfect sauce to flavor soups, stews and the perfect dipping sauce for Patacones. Growing up in my house we used it […]

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Sudado de Pollo (Colombian-Style Chicken Stew)

42 comments April 12, 2009
Sudado Colombiano Receta

The sauce is what really makes this Sudado de Pollo dish and when you mix it whit white rice it is delicious. I love it because it is truly traditional Colombian cuisine that Colombians eat every day and reminds me of my childhood every time I smell it. Enjoy my Sudado de Pollo recipe.

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Torta de Tres Leches (Three Milks Cake)

88 comments April 7, 2009
Three Milks Cake

Torta de Tres Leches or Three Milks Cake is a popular dessert in Colombia and Latin America. This cake gets the name from the three milks we use, condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream and it is what makes this cake so moist and delicious. Every country has their own version for the frosting […]

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