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Bean and Rice Soup (Sopa de Arroz y Frijoles)

5 comments November 21, 2014
Bean and Rice Soup (Sopa de Arroz y Frijoles)|

I am a die-hard soup fan and it’s one of my absolute favorite meals during the fall and winter seasons. This Rice and Beans soup was a staple at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. Mamita made the most amazing food! I love how this soup is both incredibly easy to make yet […]

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Sancocho Antioqueño o Paisa (Paisa Region Soup)

4 comments November 14, 2014
Sancocho Antioqueño o Paisa (Paisa Region Soup) |

Sancocho always coincided with a celebration with friends, cousins, aunts and uncles getting together at Mamita’s house. From the very first moment the pot was placed on the stove, the aroma of the herbs and spices would fill the house. Sancocho is one of the staples of traditional Colombian cuisine and is a famous weekend […]

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Avocado Empanadas with Cilantro Sauce

6 comments November 11, 2014
Avocado Empanadas with Cilantro Sauce |

Empanadas are a very popular Latin American treat, although originally from Spain. They come in many variations, ranging from savory to sweet, large to small, some baked and some fried. Empanadas make a great party food, simple, delicious, and inexpensive, they are great for a crowd of nibbling cocktail drinkers. They can be made in […]

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Bistec a la Criolla (Colombian -Style Creole Steak)

34 comments November 6, 2014
Bistec a la Criolla ( Colombian -Style Creole Steak) |

This is one of those recipes that many Colombians and I grew up eating at least once a week. Bistec a la Criolla is one of my favorites because I love creole sauces over white rice. This Bistec a la Criolla Colombiano  is a simple and quick recipe to make and full of flavor. Serve […]

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Arroz Atollado de Cangrejo (Crab and Coconut Creamy Rice)

3 comments October 24, 2014
Arroz Atollado de Cangrejo (Crab and Coconut Creamy Rice) |

Arroz Atollado is a traditional Colombian dish from the Pacific region of the country, which includes the departments of Nariño, Chocó, Cauca, and El Valle del Cauca. This region of Colombia is located on the Pacific Ocean and borders Panama in the north and Ecuador in the south. There are many different variations of this […]

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Albóndigas Estofadas al Tomate (Meatball and Tomato Stew)

6 comments October 21, 2014
Albóndigas Estofadas (Meatball and Tomato Stew) |

Simple, tasty, and filling, these Albóndigas Estofadas will quickly become a regular addition to your dinner lineup. I’ve talked a lot about Sunday dinners at my mamita’s house, where the entire family would gather and enjoy an amazing Colombian feast! However, before I left Colombia, I would often go to mamita’s for lunch alone or […]

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Slow Cooker Comforting Meals

5 comments October 16, 2014
Slow Cooker Comforting Meals|

Load up your slow cooker in the morning with a few ingredients and by day’s end, you’ll be treated to a comforting, home-cooked meal. Simple, right? That’s the beauty of a slow-cooker! Here’s a wrap up of my favorite recipes using the slow cooker. Get inspired and start cooking! What are your favorite dishes to […]

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