Bistec a la Criolla (Colombian -Style Creole Steak)

34 comments November 6, 2014
Bistec a la Criolla ( Colombian -Style Creole Steak) |

This is one of those recipes that many Colombians and I grew up eating at least once a week. Bistec a la Criolla is one of my favorites because I love creole sauces over white rice. This Bistec a la Criolla Colombiano  is a simple and quick recipe to make and full of flavor. Serve […]

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Chorizo and Beef Picadillo (Picadillo de Carne y Chorizo)

12 comments October 12, 2014
Chorizo and Beef Picadillo|This is a variation of the Cuban style beef picadillo|

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Hunt’s® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, the recipe, pictures and opinions are 100% my own! Today I have simple and comforting Chorizo and Beef Picadillo recipe made with Hunt’s® tomato sauce and served over white rice. This  variation of the Cuban style beef picadillo has definitely earned itself a […]

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Pusundao de Carne Serrrana (Salted Beef Stew)

7 comments May 6, 2014
Pusundao de Carne Serrrana (Salted Beef Stew)

Pusundao is a traditional dish from the Nariño department of Colombia, which is located in the Pacific region of the country. There are different variations of this popular dish, but these comforting stews are usually made with salted beef, chicken, or fish (bagre). The meat, fish or poultry is slow cooked with broth or coconut […]

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Guiso de Cola (Colombian-Style Oxtail Stew)

7 comments April 11, 2014
Guiso de Cola (Oxtail Stew)

This Guiso de Cola is not a quick weeknight meal, by any means, but it is most certainly a “make your house smell amazing” weekend kind of meal. It also makes for terrific leftovers! This Oxtail Stew is one of the most comforting dishes I know. A classic Colombian dish made with oxtails simmered in […]

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Patacones con Carne Desmechada (Fried Green Plantains with Shredded Beef)

13 comments November 27, 2013
Patacones con Carne Desmechada

I can’t even describe how good these patacones or tostones are! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ve probably noticed by now how much I love patacones and this  recipe is one of my favorites. I’ve been making this Patacones con Carne Desmechada recipe forever. It is a dish that looks and taste […]

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Capón de Ahuyama (Stuffed Squash or Pumpkin)

7 comments November 9, 2013
Capón de Ahuyama (Stuffed Squash or Pumpkin)|

With so many pumpkins and squashes available this time of year, it’s the perfect time to post this traditional Colombian dish from Los Llanos called Capón de Ahuyama. Happily, this is a dish that will work with just about any winter squash. For my Capón de Ahuyama recipe, I used rice, corn, beef, hogao, and […]

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Beef Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Jalapeños

19 comments September 24, 2013
Pickled Jalapenos Peppers

The theme for this months Creative Cooking Crew challenge was: Pickle it! We had to pickle an ingredient and incorporate it in a complete dish. I decided to pickle one of my favorite Latin ingredients, Jalapeños!And for the complete dish, I made Beef Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Jalapeños. I love this dish because it is […]

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