Carne Afanada ( Colombian Meatloaf)

22 comments April 28, 2010
Receta de Carne Afanada

I receive many emails from readers asking me when I will be posting various Colombian recipes. Lately, Carne Afanada is one of the most requested recipes. Carne Afanada is the Colombian version of meatloaf. After asking some friends and family about this recipe, I learned that this dish is popular in the El Valle department […]

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Carrots and Meatballs Soup (Sopa de Zanahoria y Albondigas)

20 comments April 27, 2010
Carrots and Meatball Soup

Last week I woke up craving a warm bowl of soup! There is nothing better than a bowl of homemade soup. I had some ground meat in the refrigerator, so I thought about making meatball soup and after seeing the beautiful carrots sitting next to them, I decided to make a Carrots and Meatballs Soup. […]

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Higado con Salsa Criolla (Liver with Creole Sauce)

25 comments April 5, 2010
Higado con Salsa Criolla

This is another one of those recipes for which I have received many requests, so here it is… Higado con Salsa Criolla is a traditional Colombian dish and since most Colombians don’t waste food & eat almost every part of the animal, we don’t mind liver dishes. We love meat! I receive a lot of […]

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Molde de Papa y Carne (Colombian-Style Potato and Meat Pie)

33 comments March 19, 2010
Molde de Papa y Carne

Last week I made one of my favorite comfort foods, Molde de Papa y Carne (potato and meat pie). It’s similar to Sheperd’s Pie. I make this dish often during the winter, but for some reason, I haven’t shared it with you yet. Well, today is the last day of Winter, so here it is, […]

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Bistec Encebollado ( Colombian-Steak with Onion Sauce)

32 comments March 3, 2010
Bistec Encebollado1

Bistec Encebollado or steak cooked with onion sauce, is a Colombian classic. It is also a dish that I love! it is especially good over white rice with tomato-avocado salad on the side. My mom makes the best Bistec Encebollado! Thanks Mami Buen Provecho!

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Bistec a la Criolla ( Colombian -Style Creole Steak)

30 comments February 3, 2010
Bistec a la Criolla ( Colombian -Style Creole Steak) |

This is one of those recipes that many Colombians and I grew up eating at least once a week. Bistec a la Criolla is one of my favorites because I love creole sauces over white rice. This Bistec a la Criolla Colombiano  is a simple and quick recipe to make and full of flavor. Serve […]

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Matambre (Argentinian Style Stuffed Beef)

32 comments January 31, 2010

Matambre is a popular dish in Argentina. It is beef stuffed with cooked eggs, spinach and other vegetables. Some of the cuts of meats used in Argentina and South America are different than the cuts in the United States. The kind of meat used for this dish is similar to flank steak and is cooked […]

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