Chicken and Turkey

Caldo Basico de Pollo (Colombian-Style Chicken Stock)

16 comments May 29, 2012
Caldo Basico de Pollo (Colombian-Style Chicken Stock)

Chicken Stock or Caldo Basico de Pollo is the base of many soups, stews, and rice, as well as other Colombian dishes. I love making my own stocks because I don’t want them to be filled with preservatives and artificial flavors. I will post my recipes for beef and vegetable stock soon too! These stocks […]

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Pollo Sudado con Zanahoria (Chicken with Carrot Sauce)

17 comments February 6, 2012
Pollo sudado con Salsa de Zanahoria

Now that I am so far away from home and my family, dishes like this Pollo Sudado con Zanahoria take me back to Colombia. If you are looking for something simple and tasty to make for a weekday dinner for your family, my mom’s Chicken with Carrot Sauce is the perfect dish. I like serving […]

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Turkey Patties with Cilantro and Basil Sauce

12 comments October 10, 2011
Turkey patties

My oldest son loves food made with ground meat, such as meatloaf, meatballs and hamburgers. So, I am always looking for ways to make him dishes using ground beef or pork. My mother-in-law’s food choices always lean toward health foods and she uses ground turkey to make her meatloaf. The other day I tried it […]

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Pollo Gritador (Screamer Chicken)

16 comments June 1, 2011
Pollo Gritador

Pollo Gritador literally translates to Screamer Chicken and is a traditional Colombian dish from the Huila region of the country. This dish is first marinaded with garlic and cumin and after cooked in a delicious tomato sauce and aguardiente, which is a strong traditional Colombian alcoholic drink made from anise and sugar cane. The marinating […]

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Pollo Encebollado (Chicken in Onion Sauce)

11 comments April 27, 2011
Chicken with Onion Sauce

It’s popular in Colombia to cook meat or poultry in Onion or Tomato Sauce. My mom made this dish all the time with a variety of different meats and we all loved it! It is the perfect weeknight meal, because it is cheap, easy, simple, fast and full of flavor. Serve it over white rice, […]

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Chicken with Cilantro-Parsley-Capers Sauce

9 comments March 23, 2011
Chicken with Cilantro-parsley sauce

I made this chicken for lunch about three weeks ago and it was very tasty and easy to make. Serve it with mashed potatoes, noodles or white plain rice to soak up the delicious sauce. I used boneless chicken breast for this recipe, but you can use your favorite chicken parts. Enjoy it! Thank you […]

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Chuzos de Pollo con Tocineta (Chicken and Bacon Skewers)

13 comments July 6, 2010
Chuzos de Pollo con tocineta

I love any type of “chuzos”, which is what we call kebabs or skewers in Colombia. It doesn’t matter if it’s beef, pork, chicken or seafood, I just love eating food grilled on a stick. Don’t you? To make a good Colombian chuzo, you need a good marinade. I used a combination of cumin, cilantro, […]

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