Chicken and Turkey

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce (Pollo con Salsa de Champiñones)

25 comments May 24, 2010
Chicken with Mushroom sauce

I love chicken and I usually prefer to cook with dark meat rather than white meat for better flavor. This chicken with mushroom sauce is a simple, comforting and delicious dish. I think that comfort food should never be seasonal and in Colombia we cook stews, soups and other comforting dishes like this one no […]

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Pollo Asado ( Roasted Chicken)

37 comments March 1, 2010
Pollo Asado

Do you remember my Colombian-style roasted chicken legs ? If not, don’t worry, here’s the recipe. Well, here is another variation of roasted chicken that we have in Colombia and this time I used a whole chicken. The skin was crispy and flavourful. It is a beautiful roasted chicken, don’t you think? Although I am […]

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Chicken Fricase ( Fricasé de Pollo)

29 comments February 16, 2010
Chicken Fricase

Fricasse is a term used to described a stew dish that is usually made with poultry and cooked in a gravy sauce, of which there are many variations. The first time I ate this chicken fricasse was at my friend’s house when we were in college and I loved it! Her mom told me how […]

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Chicken with Prunes and Bacon

27 comments January 16, 2010
Pollo con Ciruelas

Sometimes I develop a craving for a dish with a combination of sweet and savory flavors, like meat, chicken or fish with fruit sauces. This Chicken with Prune and Bacon Sauce is such a dish, and it is great for entertaining because it is a one-pot dish and very tasty. I used drumsticks instead of […]

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Chicken Tacos (Tacos de Pollo)

32 comments January 11, 2010
Chicken Tacos

Joan from Foodalogue is having a “Culinary Tour Around the World” and this time she is going “South of the Border”. The first country on the tour is Mexico and because I love their food so much, I decided to join her with these delicious Chicken Tacos with tomatillo salsa. They were easy and quick […]

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Roasted Chicken Legs with Lime

28 comments December 16, 2009
Pollo con Limon

I had some extra chicken legs thawed in the refrigerator that I didn’t use when I recently made my chicken soup for myself while I was sick. I still wasn’t feeling well and I needed something simple and easy to make using the ingredients that I already had at home, as I still wasn’t feeling […]

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Chicken Kiev

29 comments November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Guest posting today and sharing her delicious recipe is Natasha from “5-Star Foodie”. Natasha has a beautiful blog filled with fantastic recipes and amazing reviews. ~Erica Kiev, mother of all Russian cities, is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Kiev has unforgettable chestnut blossoms during Spring and gorgeous colored […]

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