Chuletas Rellenas de Manzana (Pork Chops Stuffed with Apples)

17 comments October 24, 2010
Chuletas con mazanas

Today I want to share another delicious fall recipe with you. The stuffing for the pork chops is essentially onions, garlic, red bell pepper, apples and bread crumbs. If you are a meat-fruit combination fan, like me, you will love this dish. It is a fabulous, sweet and savory dish. Buen provecho!

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Carne de Cerdo Rellena (Pork Stuffed with Vegetables)

13 comments September 11, 2010
Cerdo relleno

This is my grandmother’s Stuffed Pork recipe which is stuffed with carrots, peas, herbs, and spices. This is one of my favorite comfort food dishes. I lived with my grandmother for a few years and I had a special relationship with her. This was one of the dishes she used to make for me when […]

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Pernil Estofado con Mofongo (Roast Pork Stuffed with Green Mashed Plantains)

18 comments August 2, 2010
Pernil Finished

Guest posting today and sharing her delicious recipe is Norma from “Platanos, Mangoes and Me”. Norma has a beautiful blog filled with delicious recipes. Thank you, Norma, for being here! ~Erica

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Lechona Tolimense (Colombian-Style Stuffed Pork)

39 comments June 12, 2010
Lechona Tolimense-Colombiana (Colombian Style Stuffed Pork)|mycolombianrecipes.com

Lechona Tolimense is a traditional dish, originally from the Tolima department of Colombia, is often served on special occasions. This popular dish consists of a whole pork stuffed with rice, peas and spices , cooked in a brick oven for about ten to twelve hours. Lechona was Mamita’s favorite Colombian dish and it was the […]

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Sudado de Cerdo (Colombian Pork Stew)

21 comments May 21, 2010
Sudado de Cerdo

So, what is Sudado? It literally translates as “sweaty”. Yummy huh? But in a food context, Sudado is a traditional Colombian stew with many variations such as Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish and Meatballs Sudado. There are also variations in the vegetables used. Potatoes, yuca, carrots and plantains are some of the more common ones. It […]

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Pulled Pork & Tropical Slaw with Plantain Salsa

15 comments November 29, 2009

Guest posting today and sharing her delicious recipe is Joan Nova from “Foodalogue”. Joan has a beautiful blog filled with fantastic recipes, travel stories and beautiful pictures. It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring. Do you remember that little jingle from your childhood? It was the inspiration for this dinner. It was raining. […]

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Colombian Breaded Pork Cutlets (Chuleta Valluna o Lomo de Cerdo Apanado)

18 comments June 1, 2009
Chuleta Valluna

Chuleta Valluna , Lomo de Cerdo apanado or empanizado is one of the most popular dishes in Colombian Restaurants.This Pork dish is a traditional dish from El Valle department of Colombia. Chuleta Valluna it is usually served with beans and rice or just with salad, yuca, potatoes or plantains on the side. I usually leave […]

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