Sudado de Pescado al Coco (Fish Stew with Coconut)

25 comments February 14, 2011
Pescado al Coco

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! The traditional cuisine from the Colombia coast always includes fresh seafood and fresh coconuts, like in this delicious recipe for fish cooked in a coconut sauce. This dish is called Sudado de Pescado al Coco on the coastal areas of the country. In Colombia this dish is made with sea bass, […]

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Salmon Steaks with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

20 comments December 15, 2010
Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes

I made this salmon dish over the summer, but for some reason I forgot to post it. It is really simple and easy to make, but absolutely delicious. I know this is a summer dish, but you can make any time of the year. I used an outside grill, but you can cook using an […]

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Camarones Con Salsa de Anis (Shrimp with Anise Sauce)

18 comments July 2, 2010
Camarones con salsa de Anis

This simple Shrimp with Anise Sauce is a traditional Colombian dish from the department of Sucre, where plain white rice is always served to soak up the aromatic anise sauce. This dish is so simple that once you make it, it’s pretty easy to remember. Buen provecho and have a nice weekend!

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Grilled Swordfish with Avocado Salsa

29 comments June 17, 2010
Swordfish Tacos

I made this dish last week after I found myself overcome with a craving for swordfish and aguacate (avocado). The delicate fish meat was perfect with the avocado salsa, and the tiny diced jalapeño gave the it all just the right amount of heat. This is a light and nutritious dish and excellent served either […]

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Cazuela de Pescado al Coco Gratinada (Fish and Coconut Casserole al Gratin)

25 comments May 26, 2010
Cazuela de Pescado Gratinada

This fish and coconut dish is fantastic. Eating it makes me think that everything is right with the world Swordfish is one of my favorite fishes to use for this recipe because of its firm texture. It cooks very well in the coconut sauce, but if you prefer, you can use another white fish such […]

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Pescado Al Ajillo (Fish in Garlic Sauce)

31 comments April 30, 2010
Pescado Al Ajillo

Garlic is one of my favorite foods. If you are a garlic lover, like me, you have to try this dish. Pescado al Ajillo is a popular dish on the Atlantic Coast of Colombia. I went to Cartagena de Indias on vacation about fifteen years ago. We visited a small family restaurant that specialized in […]

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Salmon with Coconut-Saffron Sauce

49 comments April 19, 2010
Salmon with Coconut-Saffron Sauce

I made this tasty recipe for my sister last week. She is a huge seafood fan, so I am trying to cook a lot of the food that she likes while she is visiting. We both love salmon very much and I wanted to make something different and special for her and that is how […]

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