Chicken Stew with Beer(Pollo Estofado en Cerveza)

19 comments October 13, 2010
Chicken Estofado

This Chicken Stew, or Pollo Estofado, is a flavorful tomato sauce-based dish. It could not be much easier to make and it makes for great leftovers. Be sure to serve it with sweet plantains and plain white rice, great for catching all the tomato sauce. Buen provecho!

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Cazuela de Camarones con Champiñones (Shrimp and Mushroom Casserole)

22 comments June 15, 2010
Cazuela de Camaron

I’ve been thinking about making this Shrimp and Mushroom Casserole for days. My sister mentioned it to me while she was visiting a couple of months ago. She had it while she was living in Cartagena and said it was delicious. I hadn’t made it before, but the list of ingredients made my mouth water… […]

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Cazuela de Pollo y Frijoles Blancos(White Bean and Chicken Casserole)

27 comments May 28, 2010
Cazuela de pollo y frijoles blancos

The picture may not look appetizing, but this white bean and chicken casserole was absolutely delicious. Easy and simple to make and you can use your left over chicken. It sounds perfect to me This dish is very versatile, you almost can’t go wrong with any variety of ingredients. Try using pulled pork or roasted […]

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Canary Bean Stew with Meatballs ( Frijoles Canarios con Albondigas)

36 comments April 9, 2010
Canary Beans with Meatballs

I know, I know spring is here and stew is probably the last dish you want to see right now, but as I mentioned before, in Colombia we eat soups and stews all year round. Even on the coast of the country, where it is always very hot, 80-90+ degrees, people eat delicious and hot […]

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Frijoles con Chicharron o Garra (Bean Stew with Pork Belly)

27 comments March 24, 2010
Frijoles con Chicharron

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my love for anything involving beans. Actually maybe I have told you that before Anyway, growing up, my mother prepared Frijoles con Chicharron (Bean Stew with Pork Belly) once a week, which made my siblings and I very happy. Happy because it was food that involved beans and […]

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Lentils and Beef Stew ( Estofado de Lentejas con carne)

35 comments February 24, 2010
Lentejas Estofadas

This time of year there is nothing better than cooking in your crock pot. One single pot, slow cooking and great smells. Now that’s comforting and that’s what I love to cook during the winter. This lentils and beef stew is really easy to make and delicious over white rice. The perfect weeknight dinner. Enjoy […]

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Sudado de Pescado (Colombian-Style Fish Stew)

28 comments February 17, 2010
Sudado de Pescado

When I was growing up in Colombia, my mom made sudados once a week. Sudados are a popular dish in Colombia and we have many variations of this dish. For my mom, sudado is the perfect one pot, quick and simple meal. She would make a big pot so we would have left overs for […]

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