Canary Bean Stew with Meatballs ( Frijoles Canarios con Albondigas)

36 comments April 9, 2010
Canary Beans with Meatballs

I know, I know spring is here and stew is probably the last dish you want to see right now, but as I mentioned before, in Colombia we eat soups and stews all year round. Even on the coast of the country, where it is always very hot, 80-90+ degrees, people eat delicious and hot […]

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Frijoles con Chicharron o Garra (Bean Stew with Pork Belly)

27 comments March 24, 2010
Frijoles con Chicharron

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my love for anything involving beans. Actually maybe I have told you that before Anyway, growing up, my mother prepared Frijoles con Chicharron (Bean Stew with Pork Belly) once a week, which made my siblings and I very happy. Happy because it was food that involved beans and […]

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Lentils and Beef Stew ( Estofado de Lentejas con carne)

35 comments February 24, 2010
Lentejas Estofadas

This time of year there is nothing better than cooking in your crock pot. One single pot, slow cooking and great smells. Now that’s comforting and that’s what I love to cook during the winter. This lentils and beef stew is really easy to make and delicious over white rice. The perfect weeknight dinner. Enjoy […]

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Sudado de Pescado (Colombian-Style Fish Stew)

28 comments February 17, 2010
Sudado de Pescado

When I was growing up in Colombia, my mom made sudados once a week. Sudados are a popular dish in Colombia and we have many variations of this dish. For my mom, sudado is the perfect one pot, quick and simple meal. She would make a big pot so we would have left overs for […]

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Beef Chili (Chili con Carne)

26 comments December 21, 2009
Chili con carne3

Who can resist a bowl of hot beef chili on a cold day? Chili con Carne anyone? This dish makes the perfect lunch or dinner on a cold winter day. Oh, I cannot wait to have another bowl! The best thing about chili is that it is as good the next day as the day […]

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Lentils with rice and Spanish chorizo sausage(Lentejas con Chorizo)

22 comments November 30, 2009
Lentejas with Chorizo

Guest posting today and sharing her delicious recipe is Diana from “A Little bit of Spain in Iowa”. Diana has a beautiful blog filled with wonderful Spanish recipes and gardening tips. ~Erica First of all, I wanted to thank Erica for asking me to guest post on her blog. I absolutely adore her blog, recipes […]

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Beans and Beef Stew (Estofado de Frijoles y Carne)

22 comments October 19, 2009
Estofado de Frijoles con carne

This beans and beef stew is a warm and comforting meal and the perfect dish to eat on a cold day. Beans are a staple in Colombian cuisine and are usually cooked in a pressure cooker. I do own a pressure cooker, but I am a little intimidated by that thing. My mom bought it […]

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