Revamped About Page

4 comments October 30, 2009

I thought that I would give everyone a couple of days to absorb my tamales recipe from yesterday, so I did not post a new recipe today. I did, however, make some changes to my About page and thought that I should mention that to my regular readers who may otherwise not have looked. I […]

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New Hosting Company

October 11, 2009

Well, we seem to have outgrown our server so I spent the last week researching hosting companies. After many hours, let’s call it 70, I made a decision! I went with Hawk Host, as I believe they had the best combination of what I was looking for in a hosting company. And so far, so […]

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Welcome to the New Homepage

17 comments October 1, 2009

If you’re a regular visitor, I’m sure you noticed the differences in the site’s appearance, as I have changed the homepage. I will be continuing to make some adjustments over the next week or two. The new tabbed feature will allow you quick and easy access to some of my favorite posts on the site. […]

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Server Upgrade

2 comments July 26, 2009

Our server will be upgrading some time between Sunday July 26th  and Wednesday July 29th. The site will be down for about one hour during this the upgrade. So, don’t worry if you are temporarily unable to access the site, we are still here.  Please just give it a little time and try us back. […]

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Welcome to the New Site

2 comments May 11, 2009

You may have noticed slight differences in the site’s appearance as we have been in the process of making some changes. We will continue to add features and make some adjustments over the next week or two. We hope you like the new look and you should enjoy faster loading times as well. Unfortunately, we […]

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