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18 comments March 19, 2009

An herb from Colombia, guascas can be found in the USA in specialty food stores in dehydrated form and packaged in bags. I have had good experiences with: AmigosFood and HatoGrande.

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Plátano Verde (Green Plantain)

0 comments March 7, 2009
Platanos Verdes

Unripe plantains or Plátanos Verdes have green skin and are not sweet. In Latin America we use these to make soups, patacones, tostones and chips.

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Ripe Plantain (Plátano Maduro)

1 comment March 2, 2009

Ripe plantains  or Plátano Maduro look like large, over-ripened, yellow bananas. The skin becomes heavily spotted, almost completely black. This is when they are sweet and delicious and ready to eat.

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Guava Paste (Bocadillo)

9 comments March 2, 2009

In Colombia we use Guava Paste or Bocadillo in all kinds of dishes. It is a combination of guava pulp and sugar which is cooked slowly until it becomes thick enough to form into a block, which is the form in which it is usually sold. Guava Paste can be found in Latin markets and […]

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Guava (Guayaba)

5 comments March 2, 2009

Guava or Guayaba is a tropical fruit with green skin and a pink inside, rich in vitamin A and C. Guava juice is very popular in all of Colombia.

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Sazón Goya con Azafran

4 comments February 25, 2009

It’s a dry seasoning containing garlic powder, cumin, Mexican saffron. Buy it

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Yuca (Cassava)

1 comment February 25, 2009

In the United States getting fresh yuca just right is tricky, frozen yuca tends to turn out more tender and perfect. In Colombia we cook this white, starchy tropical vegetable in different ways, fried, baked, stewed or steamed.

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