New Hosting Company

Well, we seem to have outgrown our server so I spent the last week researching hosting companies. After many hours, let’s call it 70, I made a decision! I went with Hawk Host, as I believe they had the best combination of what I was looking for in a hosting company. And so far, so good.

Tony, the CEO of the company spent a great deal of time assisting me on the phone prior to my decision and has continued to be there during the migration.  I was expecting to do a lot of work to get the site moved from one host to another, but to my surprise, Hawk Host handled almost everything and the process was fast and smooth. There were a few kinks to iron out, but nothing that wasn’t remedied almost immediately. And these kinks, to which I am referring, were only visible to me, as I was able to approve the site on their servers before going live!  We were able to make the transition with only seconds of site downtime. I could not find a bad review about this company, only positive, and I understand why.

We still need to set-up the contact form so if you emailed us on Saturday night, 10/10/09, we probably didn’t get it. Sorry for any inconvenience and we will get the contact form resolved asap. So, if you sent us an email and don’t hear back from us, there is a good chance we didn’t receive it. Please give it a day or so and send it again.

Don’t worry, the comments are working just fine, although there were a few that we know of, that didn’t make the transfer. We will manually resubmit such comments. If you left a comment that you don’t see, sorry for the inconvenience and please feel free to submit your comment again. We hope you enjoy the faster page loading times. If you experience any difficulties, and I do not think you will, please do let us know.

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