Hamburguesa de Arepa (Arepa Burger)

10 comments June 9, 2012
Arepa Burger

515px: The idea for this Arepa Burger came to me one night while lying in bed, and I could not wait to get up the next day to make it! Arepas are versatile and can pretty much be filled or topped with anything you have on hand. Arepas always come to the rescue when I […]

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Arepa Dominó con Plátanos y Guacamole (Arepa with Black Beans, Fresh Cheese, Plantains and Guacamole)

12 comments April 2, 2012

I enjoy taking time on the weekends to prepare a good, hearty breakfast. Very often I let my imagination take control and start playing with ingredients. It had been sometime since I last made a real tasty and satisfying arepa and I was craving one! I wanted to make a meatless arepa though so my […]

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Arepitas Fritas con Guacamole (Fried Mini Arepas with Guacamole)

18 comments February 24, 2012
Arepitas Fritas con Guacamole

Arepitas Fritas are one of those classic Colombian treats that I just love. Traditional Colombian restaurants serve them as an appetizer with guacamole, hogao, chimichurri and ají or, as a side dish with pollo asado or Roasted chicken. They are a hit at parties, or if you’re alone, a handful along with a glass of […]

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Arepa con Huevo Frito, Hogao y Aguacate (Arepa with Egg, Avocado and Creole Sauce)

17 comments February 15, 2012
Arepa con huevo hogao y aguacate

I like experimenting with different types of toppings for my arepas and this time I used fried egg, hogao and avocado. What a wonderful combination of ingredients. I just loved it! Arepas are one of my favorites and there are many recipes for them on my site. I hope you enjoy them as much as […]

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Arepa con Cerdo,Champiñones y Salsa de Aguacate(Arepa with Pork, Mushrooms and Avocado Sauce)

11 comments January 28, 2012
Arepa con Champinones y Cerdo

This seems like an insane amount of work for an arepa, but it is worth it, I swear. Everything just blends together into the best, most flavorful arepa I’ve ever had. There are times when I just need something comforting, and today was one of those days, so at lunch time I decided to make […]

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Arepa Hawaiana (Hawaiian-Style Arepa)

12 comments December 23, 2011
Arepa Hawaina

Since I am a stay home mom, I am always thinking of new things to make for easy lunches. Arepas are always a delicious and simple meaI and are great for lunch. I make the arepas ahead of time so I only have to assemble them when it’s time for lunch. This Hawaiian-Style Arepa tasted […]

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Arepa con Chorizo y Hogao (Arepa with Chorizo and Creole Sauce)

9 comments December 20, 2011
Arepa con Hogao y Chorizo

For as long as I can remember, this meal has been my absolute favorite. The one dish that I am loyal to above all else… Arepa con Chorizo y Hogao. When I was a kid, I would request it whenever my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner. It is a simple dish, but […]

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