Arepitas Fritas con Guacamole (Fried Mini Arepas with Guacamole)

18 comments February 24, 2012
Arepitas Fritas con Guacamole

Arepitas Fritas are one of those classic Colombian treats that I just love. Traditional Colombian restaurants serve them as an appetizer with guacamole, hogao, chimichurri and ají or, as a side dish with pollo asado or Roasted chicken. They are a hit at parties, or if you’re alone, a handful along with a glass of […]

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Arepa con Huevo Frito, Hogao y Aguacate (Arepa with Egg, Avocado and Creole Sauce)

17 comments February 15, 2012
Arepa con huevo hogao y aguacate

I like experimenting with different types of toppings for my arepas and this time I used fried egg, hogao and avocado. What a wonderful combination of ingredients. I just loved it! Arepas are one of my favorites and there are many recipes for them on my site. I hope you enjoy them as much as […]

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Arepa con Cerdo,Champiñones y Salsa de Aguacate(Arepa with Pork, Mushrooms and Avocado Sauce)

11 comments January 28, 2012
Arepa con Champinones y Cerdo

This seems like an insane amount of work for an arepa, but it is worth it, I swear. Everything just blends together into the best, most flavorful arepa I’ve ever had. There are times when I just need something comforting, and today was one of those days, so at lunch time I decided to make […]

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Arepa Hawaiana (Hawaiian-Style Arepa)

12 comments December 23, 2011
Arepa Hawaina

Since I am a stay home mom, I am always thinking of new things to make for easy lunches. Arepas are always a delicious and simple meaI and are great for lunch. I make the arepas ahead of time so I only have to assemble them when it’s time for lunch. This Hawaiian-Style Arepa tasted […]

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Arepa con Chorizo y Hogao (Arepa with Chorizo and Creole Sauce)

9 comments December 20, 2011
Arepa con Chorizo y Hogao

For as long as I can remember, this meal has been my absolute favorite. The one dish that I am loyal to above all else… Arepa con Chorizo y Hogao. When I was a kid, I would request it whenever my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner. It is a simple dish, but […]

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Arepa con Jamón , Queso y Hogao (Arepa with Ham, Cheese and Creole Sauce)

7 comments October 12, 2011
Arepa con Jamon,Hogao y Queso

Arepas are really the perfect food! You can make them as an appetizer, as a main course, as a dessert, and you can even put them in a soup. And, to top it off, they are very easy to make. These delicious corn cakes made from basic precooked corn meal and water can be eaten […]

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Sweet Arepas with Caramelized Apples (Arepas Dulces con Manzanas)

14 comments October 7, 2011
arepa dulce masa

Fall is here and its around this time of year that I usually feel a little sad, having to say goodbye to summer, knowing that colder days are on the way. It is never easy for me! Having a bad cold at the moment isn’t helping matters. Having said that, fall does have it’s up […]

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