Migas de Arepa: A Hearty Breakfast

29 comments March 31, 2010
Migas de Arepa

This dish of eggs scrambled with pieces of arepa and tomato-onion sauce is a popular breakfast served in Colombia. There is no better way to start the day! You can serve this dish with Colombian chorizo, avocado and beans on the side. Migas de Arepa is designed to use up old corn arepas. The results […]

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Arepuela o Anisita (Sweet Arepa with Anise)

45 comments February 19, 2010
Arepa dulce con

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a weakness for arepas and I eat them almost every day for breakfast. Eating arepas makes me happy and connects me with my country. In Colombia we eat all kinds of arepas and these Arepuelas or Anisitas (sweet arepas) are very popular on the […]

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Arepa Chips with Chorizo and Queso Fresco

26 comments January 1, 2010
Arepita con Quesito

Few things in life give me more joy than eating arepa with fresh cheese for breakfast, so why not make them as an appetizer? Arepa chips topped with queso fresco and Colombian chorizo are delicious and addictive :). I could not stop eating these little things. Enjoy!

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Arepa con Quesito Colombiano (Corn Cake with Fresh Cheese)

16 comments October 31, 2009
Mis fotos 123

Today I feel like blogging about this traditional Colombian arepa dish. Arepa with butter and quesito (fresh cheese) is what I usually eat for breakfast everyday. It is simple and quick to make and one of my favorites. First of all happy Halloween everyone! In my hometown of Antioquia, there are a couple of foods […]

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Sopa de Arepa (Corn Cake Soup)

12 comments October 28, 2009
Recetas de Comida Colombiana

/>Sopa de arepa is another traditional Colombian soup and one of my favorites. For this recipe you have to use corn arepas, you cannot use arepas made with masarepa or precooked corn meal. Trust me, I tried, and the soup was not as it should be. You can find these corn arepas in Latin supermarkets […]

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Baked Eggs with Colombian-Style Tomato and Onion Sauce (Huevos Con Hogao)

18 comments October 18, 2009
Huevos con Hogao

Huevos pericos or scrambled eggs with tomato and scallion sauce, is a traditional Colombian breakfast. I was craving these eggs this morning but I wanted to make them a little different yet with the same delicious taste of the tomato and onion. So, I decided to make a hogao, which is a Colombian tomato and […]

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Arepas with Salmon and Shrimp (Arepas con Salmon y Camarones)

13 comments October 13, 2009
Arepa con Salmon

This is the arepa I made myself for lunch yesterday. Arepas are an essential part of Colombian cuisine, which you may have already figured out if you’re a regular reader of this blog :). My mom actually believes that I could not live without arepas and if I really think about it…she’s probably right. Arepas […]

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