Banana Bread Pudding

17 comments November 23, 2010
Banana-Bread Pudding

I’m often thinking about an easy dessert that I can whip up when there are no sweets in the house and a craving hits! Well, this banana bread pudding required little time to prepare, was easy to make, and tasted great! So, if you like bananas and bread pudding, you should not be disappointed with […]

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Pan de Queso (Colombian-Style Cheese Bread)

59 comments June 30, 2010
Receta de Pan de queso

This is one of my favorite Colombian snacks. I’m just pleased that I no longer have to go to Colombia to eat this delicious and traditional Pan de Queso. Have you ever tried to make a food that you loved when you were a child and had a difficult time duplicating the taste of your […]

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Pandebono (Colombian Cheese bread)

127 comments January 20, 2010
Recetas de Comida Colombiana

Pandebono is a traditional colombian cheese bread. I have been getting a lot of e-mails asking me for this recipe, so here it is my friends. I made these delicious Pandebonos last week and they came out perfectly and were delicious. For a minute, I did not miss Colombia while eating these fantastic cheese balls, […]

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French Onion Soup

26 comments December 14, 2009
Onion Soup

Today’s featured recipe is French Onion Soup, which is one of my favorite soups to eat when out at a restaurant. But this week, however, I decided to recreate this famous soup at home. When it’s as cold as it has been here lately, soup is one of my favorite things to eat. Is anything […]

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A Sandwich or Hamburger Recipe? Neither – a Delicious Uruguayan Chivito!

27 comments November 27, 2009

Guest posting today and sharing his delicious recipe is Gera  from “sweets Foods“. Gera lives in Uruguay(South America) and has a wonderful blog filled with great information. ~Erica What’s better than a chivito?..another chivito What am I talking about? A “sandwich recipe” only found in my country, Uruguay! What it isn’t? It isn’t a panini […]

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Apple -Chocolate Bread Pudding

24 comments November 3, 2009
Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is one of my favorites when I want to create a dessert that is prepared as individually servings and easy to make, yet looks nice and sophisticated. I had some apples in the house and I didn’t know what to do with them and since I don’t like making pies, I created this […]

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Colombian Yuca Bread (Pan de Yuca)

66 comments October 20, 2009
How to make Pan de Yuca

Pan de yuca is a traditional Colombian bread made with yuca flour and cheese. It is delicious with a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast or for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee. I don’t understand it, but I can’t seem to follow a recipe. Can any of you fellow food […]

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