Pastel de Chocolo con Champiñones (Mushrooms and Corn Casserole)

6 comments January 11, 2013

I’ve been craving today’s recipe, Pastel de Chocolo con Champiñones, for a long time. One of my aunts in Colombia makes this dish and I’ve always loved it, but never made it at home until a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even have her recipe, but luckily, I remembered watching her make it and […]

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Pastel de Yuca con Carne (Cassava and Beef Casserole)

10 comments October 15, 2012
Beef and Cassava casserole

I love sharing my childhood recipes and stories with you. Colombian food triggers memories of my grandmother and the rest of my family as well. Sometimes while I am cooking a particular dish, I find myself smiling at the memories of Mamita in the kitchen. The pictures are so clear and vivid, that it’s as […]

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