Arroz Sapopero (Soupy Rice with Beef and Smoked Sausage)

21 comments June 7, 2010
Arroz Sapopero

Arroz Sapopero is simply a soupy rice, with a texture similar to risotto, cooked with beef chunks, vegetables and smoked sausage. This traditional dish, originally from the Huila department of Colombia, is flavorful, filling, and absolutely delicious. I served it with avocado on top and it was the perfect accompaniment. I hope you enjoy this […]

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Canary Bean Soup (Sopa de Frijoles Canarios)

18 comments September 28, 2009
Frijoles Canarios

I had a great time with my sister the past couple of weeks. She left yesterday and now I am getting back to my normal routine. She is a great sister and friend to me. I will miss her and look forward to seeing her again soon. My mother always made a bean soup in […]

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