Pastel Gloria (Guava, Dulce de Leche and Cheese Pastry)

37 comments June 4, 2010
Pastelitos Gloria

Today I would like to introduce one of my favorite traditional Colombian desserts. Which, conveniently, is also ridiculously easy to make. I have no idea how Pastel Gloria got its name, but it is a popular dessert in my country. It is essentially a puff pastry filled with dulce de leche, guava paste and cheese. […]

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Milhojas con Arequipe (Colombian Dulce de Leche Pastry)

40 comments March 22, 2010

One of my favorite Colombian desserts is Milhojas, a pastry delight. It is a popular dessert in Latin America and there are many different variations. It is made with simple ingredients, but it is absolutely delicious. Milhojas translates to “thousand leaves cake”. It is basically puff pastry layers filled with pastry cream and topped with […]

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Hojuelas o Hojaldras Colombianas (Colombian Hojuelas)

48 comments December 8, 2009
Hojuelas 035

I want to share another traditional Colombian Christmas treat with you. These Hojuelas or Hojaldras are a delicious fried pastry that we eat with Natilla and Buñuelos at Christmas gatherings. Just writing this post made me homesick and I began missing the holidays in Colombia with my family. Growing up in a big Colombian family […]

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