Sopa o Crema de Tomate con Albahaca (Tomato and Basil Soup)

9 comments March 6, 2012
Sopa de tomate

Tomato soup is popular all over the world and there are, of course, many variations of this simple soup. This is my mom’s Sopa de Tomate recipe. I hated it as a kid, but now I can’t get enough of it! This soup was something that I threw together for lunch the other day while […]

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Spinach, Potato, Dill and Carrot Soup

6 comments February 17, 2012
Spinach and Potato Soup with Dill

You can never have too many soup recipes, especially this time of year, and a bowl of soup with spinach, carrots and potatoes, really hits the spot. We all really liked it here, I had 2 bowls full of this creamy and delicious soup. What a great combination of ingredients! This soup makes for a […]

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Caldo Batido or Caldo de Enfermo

18 comments February 11, 2012
Caldo Batido or de Emfermo

Today’s recipe is exactly what I’ve been craving lately… a comforting Colombian soup. I’ve made this soup twice now, and it’s the perfect recipe when you have a cold, like me. This traditional soup, from Del Valle del Cauca in Colombia, is known as Caldo Batido, literally translated to ” Blended Broth” or Caldo de […]

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Sopa de Arroz con Espinazo de Cerdo (Rice and Pork Soup)

8 comments December 12, 2011
Sopa de arroz con espinazo

I’ve been making a lot of tasty homemade Colombian soups lately and I want to share one of those recipes with you today. It’s important for me to show you the everyday Colombian recipes I grew up with and love. This is my mom’s Rice and Pork Soup recipe…it’s easy to make, inexpensive and it […]

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Caldo de Papas con Espinazo (Colombian Potato-Pork Soup)

8 comments December 8, 2011
Caldo de Papas con Espinazo (Colombian Potato-Pork Soup)

Usually, when I am feeling a little down, I try to console myself with the same simple, comfort food that my mother and my grandmother cooked for me when I was growing up in Colombia. Caldo de Papas is a traditional Colombian soup, of which there are at least a few variations. The base of […]

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2011 Holiday Soups

5 comments November 16, 2011

This the second post of the series containing my favorite holiday recipes. This time I am sharing my favorite soups for entertaining. In case you missed the first post in the series of my favorite holiday appetizers, you can check it out here. And here are the soups…

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Split Pea with Pork Soup (Sopa de Alverjita con Cerdo)

6 comments September 23, 2011
Sopa de Alverjita y Cerdo

I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving comfort food lately. All I want to have is a delicious bowl of homemade soup! This is my mom’s Split Pea with Pork Soup, and it is one of my favorites! Buen provecho!

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