Sudado de Costilla de Cerdo (Pork Ribs Colombian Stew)

4 comments September 28, 2011
Sudado de Costilla de Cerdo

My grandmother was an exceptional cook. The dishes prepared in her kitchen were absolutely delicious and are what connects me to my roots. This is very important to me, especially now that I am living outside of Colombia and raising my children in the USA. I grew up very close to my mother’s side of […]

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Colombian Beef Stew (Sudado de Res)

31 comments June 13, 2009
Colombian-Style Beef Stew

Sudado de Carne Res is a very popular dish in Colombia, is very easy to make and delicious over white rice with avocado on the side. I think every Colombian home makes a sudado dish a least once a week. Sudados can also be made with pork or chicken. This Sudado de Carne Colombiano is […]

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Sudado de Pollo (Colombian-Style Chicken Stew)

42 comments April 12, 2009
Sudado Colombiano Receta

The sauce is what really makes this Sudado de Pollo dish and when you mix it whit white rice it is delicious. I love it because it is truly traditional Colombian cuisine that Colombians eat every day and reminds me of my childhood every time I smell it. Enjoy my Sudado de Pollo recipe.

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