Keep Your Waist Line During the Holidays

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How do you eat healthy and manage your portions during the holiday season with everyone showering unhealthy, yet great tasting food choices on you?

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes eating healthy. Thanksgiving through New Years is a hard time for most people to maintain their waist line. Actually, no matter what time of year, I never like to watch what I eat!

Much of the holidays involves cooking and eating delicious foods made by family and friends. You may think that it isn’t possible to enjoy holiday gatherings while eating healthy, and although it may be challenging, I actually think that it can be done!

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I am a lucky girl because I don’t have a sweet tooth nor am I a big drinker, and as I’m sure you know, alcohol and sweets have a lot of calories. Imagine the fat and calories you can eliminate by simply cutting out desserts and booze!

By not drinking and eating desserts, I am more able to enjoy the appetizers and the main courses. So you see, just by making these couple of adjustments, you can eat and enjoy most everything else, providing that you follow some other basic rules. Here are the rest of my tips for eating healthy and managing your portions during the holiday season…

1. Eat very small portions of everything, this way you can try all of the delicious foods at the parties without getting sick!

2. Only eat things that you really love and make you happy.

3. Eat healthy at home so you can really enjoy yourself at holiday parties.

4. If you have a choice between turkey and red meat, go for the turkey. Oh, and be sure to take the white meat and don’t eat the skin if you can help it!

5. Fill your plate with salad before the main meal. By filling up on lettuce, you’ll eat less after. Be sure to stay away from fattening dressings or you will defeat the purpose. If you can’t find a bottle of low-cal dressing, just use some Balsamic mixed with water and Splenda for a great tasting, low-cal dressing.

6. While at a party, if you have the opportunity…dance, dance and dance. It is a great way to burn calories fast while having fun!

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  1. Heather B says

    Well, sadly, I do have a sweet tooth and enjoy some cocktails! Of course portion control is a big part of it, but when you make the sweets/drinks yourself you have the greatest freedom!

    I love to cook and bake, etc and I find it very rewarding to make “lighter” versions of my favorite things! If I do the baking I can control what goes in and know exactly what Im eating and how much of it! Also the same for drinks, I know if I use 100% fruit juice, fat free milk, add in spices instead of sugar garnishes I will be just as happy and cut out 100’s of calories for me and my guests!

    As far as the meals go, I know I will probably sample a cocktail, cookie or two so I go in knowing I am exchanging this for the extra savory stuff I dont need anyway! I instead go for the salad the green veggies and the lean meats. Its a trade off Im willing to make :-)

    Also being a busy hostess allows me to keep moving and keep on my feet making sure my guests are satisfied and keeping myself active instead of falling into the secure hold of the couch sampling everything there is to eat!

    Everybody wins :-)

  2. Alecia says

    I DO have a sweet tooth, but one thing I do is if I do some holiday baking, I take all of it to wherever/whatever I was baking it for. I don’t keep any of it at my house. I will still eat it if I take it to work or to a party, but at least I don’t have leftovers to come home to!

  3. Jimmy Ashe says

    I remember reading an article about how Italians have many courses during their meals, but that that eat mostly one of the courses and it fills them. It said that eating smaller portions of different things makes your brain think you aren’t full as quickly as eating mostly one thing.

    I really wish I remembered the article. Its been years, and my memory may be failing me. In any case, you gave great advice. Thanks!

  4. says

    At the start of the holiday season I was disheartened by family who simply told me to jump on the wagon after the holidays. The problem with that plan is that I can do a LOT of damage between now and then. So I have tried to take steps now.

    After reading your article I realize I do a combination of strategies.

    I do try to eat healthy at home & right before a big family meal like Thanksgiving.

    I start with a huge helping of greens & tastes of the fattening things I love. I was able to resist 2nds of the bad for me stuff this way.

    Most importantly I am trying to increase my activity level at home & at work, even to just go up and down the stairs an extra time.

    I can’t say that I am winning the battle of the bulge, but I think I have kept it from gaining ground. :)

  5. Susan says

    It’s sometimes wise to bring a dish. No hostess would be offended (probably grateful) and just make sure it’s a healthy option. Then you have one safe dish to count on and can just build around it with the veggies and other offerings.

  6. Zhandra says

    The key words here are – OVER THE HOLIDAY. Over the holidays I plan my eating habits for the week, which i never do otherwise. The more tempting food exposures in each week means no sodas and no sweets outside of tempting food event. It also means daily smaller portions and way more salads or stir-frys. Thinking of the holiday goodies as my reward motivates me to eat this way.
    I also try to get a 10-15min simple workout in each morning during December. Just get moving is the goal here (not breaking a sweat). Get it done in the morning first thing and get it out of the way!
    Finally, and most importantly, I eat a medium sized banana before a party or luncheon.
    I’ve done all these things for years and devoured many delicacies starting the new year without new pounds!

  7. says

    Since I began my journey back from Anelisa’s passing which was ten years this July, I knew I had to give up sweets, processed foods, eating out so often, and alcohol to regain my ability to work out in the gym and see results. I have gone down two sizes, and have a goal of another by Christmas (cross your fingers) and it is all due to will power and eating a balanced plate of 1/2 greens/salad, 1/4 protein and 1/4 starch (key, low starch, and substitute starch for more greens at dinner, eat during day).

    I hope everyone takes this bull by its horns, or your health can be at risk as you get older. I am teaching my son that I also thought I was invincible being so thin, but after children I gained weight, so it has now become a life choice for me.

    Great opportunity to help people think during this time, especially when illness can strike, or even worse during the big feast that go on!

  8. says

    wow, great giveaway! I try to keep my exercise routine the same as the rest of the year and enjoy all foods I want to try but keep them to “tasters” and only go back for a couple things I REALLY want!

  9. says

    Boy, it’s too hard for me to stay away from desserts! If I do, I just feel deprived, and there’s no point in that. So I let myself have a sliver, a bite, enough for my tongue to get a real taste of it, and then I can let it go. It helps, though, to have something sweet and satisfying, like fruit, that I can follow up with if the urge hits me, so, if the celebration is not at my place, I like to bring fruit salad.

  10. Michelle L. says

    Well, I’m Colombian & my fiance is Puerto Rican, so during the holidays many “holiday staples” in our culture are fried, but I try to bake things as much as I can get away with (the broiler is my friend). As for sweets I pick one, out of many. Watching your portions is the key.. I mean just because there are a gazillion bunuelos doesn’t mean you have to eat more than 2-3 small ones, as tempting as it is. Also, dance all night… it’s super fun and a great work out. And for those of us in the cold, going jogging isn’t a tempting option but if you have a Wii or Kinects for the Xbox… why not play with the family. It requires lots of movemen & is fun to play with the kids. I even got my abuelita to virtual bowl. =)

  11. Shonneky says

    I’m not always successful at this but for the most part I practice portion control to keep myself for going way overboard. Then, on those days when I have clearly overindulged I make sure to move around and get plenty of exercise. These things definitely help me.

  12. says

    I have a fondness for egg nog. Now if I avoid putting whipping cream in my recipe I am sure I can cut quite a few calories. Next-I eat small portions and try to eat them over a period of time–not all at once.

  13. saskia says

    I keep healthy snacks with me so that I never get to the point where I am completely starving and can no longer make reasonable choices on what and how much to eat when meal times/parties arrive.

  14. tomahawk tom says

    I try to fill up on vegetables or something else low in calories before, then I am not as tempted to pig out on all of the unhealthy things.

    For Thanksgiving I made a turkey cordonbleu using a turkey breast, some lean ham, with provolone. It was healthy and very good!

  15. Tanya says

    I have a huge sweet tooth, but I am finding that if I can control my overwhelming desire for desert late at night, it certainly helps…

  16. SandrisW says

    I’m trying to eat breakfast every morning. I had to try the recipe for the “Avena” and i have made ahead of time enough Old Fashion Oats to last me a week, so in the morning I just warm it up and add some fruit or justt put in a blender and have it cold. I also have some toast or 1/2 a bagel. (i just have to have coffe with bread is a weekness) I have noticed that i fill fuller longer until is time for lunch.
    Also i try to eat something before i go to parties.
    For exercise i take my dog for a walk and lifts weights at home, IF i make sweets I’m diving the portions and I’m sharing it with friends. I hope this helps me keep my waist during the holidays

  17. says

    I eat a full healthy meal before going to any holiday party. It keeps me from eating too much fattening food. And I try to stick with water with lemon. If I’m going to consume extra calories – it sure won’t be from a drink – but from some tasty chocolate confection.

  18. Margaret Smith says

    I try to eat healthier choices and drink lots of water. If I do indulge on something high in calories, I try to take tiny portions.

  19. Scott Martin says

    Eating during the holidays is not easy sometimes. To stay healthy I always eat a small meal before I go so I don’t feel like I have to pack it on at the party. I would rather do that and have everyone say how svelt I look instead of hiding the pie when I walk in. Happy Holidays.

    Scott Martin

  20. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says

    I remind myself what portion sizes are and how long it will take me to work off that delicious pecan pie – some times I still have it, but at least Im not eating mindlessly!

  21. mickeyfan says

    Don’t totally deny yourself the things you love. Instead, have small amounts of those items to satisfy your desires.

  22. says

    I try to keep portions reasonable – don’t go back for seconds. Stick to my primarily plant based, small portion meals & snacks. Don’t keep tempting fattening foods around – if I make it, have a little and give it away. If it’s given to me, have a little and spread it around!

  23. Stephanie V. says

    usually portion control size of palm but this year fighting cancer, had treatment and isolation last week and lost my salivary glands so no taste whatsoever
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  24. Benny William says

    I always try to follow the “80% rule”. Eat until you feel 80% and stop. If you feel hungry later, you can always have a snack. But usually that 80% is enough. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Susan Smith says

    I eat something healthy before I go to a party and once I’m there I keep drinking water and just sample food. This way I’m not feeling deprived.

  26. Kelly says

    I’m like you–sweets aren’t my thing! I like them, but they have to be REALLY SUPER AWESOME for me to want much more than a few bites. I have to watch myself with savory food, but I love healthy stuff (like raw veggies, steamed veggies, etc.), so it’s not too hard for me to find something good (and good for me) to eat. And, since I eat pretty well every day and work out 5 or 6 times a week, a few indulgences aren’t the end of the world!

  27. Diane in Northern CA says

    When at a party with a buffet table, pick a place to stand that is furthest away from the food. I then wait to eat until as late as possible; one the nibbling begins it is harder to stop snacking.

  28. Georgia says

    I have to say, I love eating together with family and friends on the holidays. I am usually to busy talking to be eating to much but I do go for the veggies first and that helps me to feel fuller before desert.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  29. Timbo says

    Gotta say the finest way to eat healthy for our family is to stick a Mediterranean diet of pastas, fishes, olive oil and other necessary peripherals 😀

  30. Timbo says

    I just tweeted this giveaway here 😀

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    allrightyes at gmail dot com

  31. Heather S says

    I love trying lots of different goodies, so I make sure I take a very small amount so I don’t feel deprived but I don’t overeat. Also drink lots of water

  32. Sarah Hirsch says

    i am not great about staying healthy, but try to maintain normalcy with the way you would usually eat – don’t eat more just because it is the holidays

  33. Toby says

    I try to control my portions by eating half of all the dinner foods put in front of me. As for the sweets (and I do have a sweet tooth) I select the ones most attractive to me and have a bite of each.

  34. Mary M says

    I have a healthy breakfast and then fill up on fruits and veggies, then main meal and then I am too full for desert.

  35. Cynthia C says

    If you use a small plate, it looks like a lot of food when it’s really not. Fill it up with the healthiest choices available and no seconds!

  36. T. Lawson says

    I bring a healthy option to share at holiday parties so I know there is at least one dish I can nibble on without guilt.

  37. says

    I make sure I don’t withhold the treats from myself, I just get the correct portion size so I get my fill and don’t feel left out!

  38. joni says

    Sad to say, but I do not eat healthy during the holidays—what fun would that be! But I do start dieting after the new year.

  39. Stephanie says

    I try to control my portions and keep up with my 2-3 times a week walks. I allow some indulgence during the holidays…part of the joy of the holidays is in sharing good food with friends and family.

  40. says

    For me it’s pretty simple. I eat normal in between the thanksgiving days, work parties and x-mas ect. Or try to go vegetarian/lean meats only two day on one day off [ two day vegetarian one day lean meat] No drinking in between but rather as a reward on the actual party days which generally will be maybe 7 total day of festivities? I also work out daily to maintain the Holiday stress at bay [if I don’t want to go to the gym, I walk around the neighborhood with the kids to check out the lights at everyone’s home=) Another trick is most of my recipes have large amounts of veggies or fruits minimizing the not so great ingredients. If I’m making a chicken I stuff it with plenty of veggies, if im making potatoes I add plenty of vegetables so there are not as many starchy elements and I avoid things like coffee, sodas, restaurants only buying what we need so there is nothing to pick on except fruits .

  41. Liz says

    I think a healthy tip would be to take half of everything you decide to eat so instead of eating a whole piece a cake cut that piece in half. I also think drinking some water before a meal can help. Thanks!

  42. Kerry says

    If I know I’m going to be eating at a party, I will eat light the rest of the day to save some calories to splurge a little.

  43. M.A. says

    Look over the food table before making choices.
    Take time to plan wisely before making choices.
    Choose carefully. Eat slowly. ENJOY!

  44. says

    I eat before going anywhere I know there will be food, some fruit, a salad and some water which leaves me feeling fuller and if I eat anything, I eat a small portion

  45. Norma says

    I just eat smaller portions so I can enjoy everything – and I make sure I get my servings of fruit, veggies and proteins each day

  46. LAMusing says

    I go ahead and indulge in the goodies without guilt – but I make sure my other meals are VERY healthy and lo cal

  47. says

    I do enjoy a glass of wine with a meal, but don’t eat many sweets. I think it’s all in the portion size. Eat smaller amounts or use a smaller plate. I advoid that over stuffed feeling at all costs! I am also happy with a bite to taste some good things and stop there! 😀 Drink plenty of water!

  48. Marcy says

    I just started to really focus on losing weight and staying healthy. So I got a pedometer which is great and started walking half hour every evening. Instead of eating meat, we use soy. I use soy crumbles instead of ground meat when the recipe calls for ground beef. I also love to bake and I try to substitute honey for sugar in the recipes.

  49. Katie says

    -When the roads aren’t snow covered I run.
    -When the roads are snow covered I do yoga.
    -No matter what I dedicate one hour a day to moderate to intense activity 6 days a week.
    -I eat 2 snacks & 3 meals a day and do not eat out.
    -Most of all I don’t obsess about it. No food is off limits. The more I obsess the wider my waisline gets.

  50. says

    Waistline – that’s a scary word! It’s the hardest part of my body to keep under control, especially because I do like to drink alcohol. When I eliminate alcohol my stomach slowly flattens. The most effective workouts I found focus specifically on your stomach, side and back muscles and challenge those muscles in a variety of ways. A core fitness class I took once gave me the best abs ever… for awhile. I wish I could still take that class. I have a yoga for abdominals workout (with Rodney Yee) that makes my stomach burn and if I did that everyday I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problems. So I say: drink fewer calories, be active and work your core muscles daily.

  51. Paige says

    If that cookie is calling my name, I allow myself a bit of wiggle room and eat it. If that cookie is calling my name every minute of everyday, I try to exhibit some self control. The bottom line: the holidays are a time to enjoy! Don’t deprive yourself!
    paigewiley16 AT gmail DOT com

  52. ohkeeka says

    I fill up on veggies as appetizers so I’m not as hungry by the time dinner rolls around. And during dinner, I also load up my plate with veggies and have smaller portions of starches and other less-healthy foods.

  53. Debbie Bellows says

    It’s really difficult to eat healthy during the Holidays and I am sad to say that sometimes I don’t – I wish I had better willpower –


  54. beth shepherd says

    I like to eat a salad before we go out to dinner at friends and family. I also like to get small portions and drink lots of water.
    Thank you

  55. beth shepherd says

    Thank you

  56. Suzanne K says

    I eat healthier by making sure I have a good breakfast (oatmeal with raisins and apples fills me up and keeps me going). I also always have lots of fruit around (no chips or cookies in the house) No office goodies (work at home) or parties so I luck out there.

  57. Janna Johnson says

    I drink a bottle of water in the car on the way to parties to help me curb my intake!!
    Merry Xmas! Thanks!
    Janna Johnson
    feedyourpigblog dot com

  58. Courtney S says

    I try to stick with the fresh/raw veggies to snack on. If I want to indulge I only eat a very small portion.

  59. Rita Sheppard says

    Luckily I don’t care for sweets or chocolate. My passion is for fruits so I make sure to keep lots of fruits in the house during the holidays. I also make sure to eat yogurt every day and drink a lot of water.

  60. kathy says

    I don’t go to any holiday parties hungry. I’ll eat a small healthy snack beforehand that way I’m not starving and I don’t gobble up everything in site.

  61. says

    hmmmmm. if i know im going out to eat, i will try to order the less fattening versions of the meal i.e. grilled chicken instead of fried. I get to have one dessert choice and try to eat a salad and fruit 5xweek. =)

  62. Kathleen says

    I use a smaller plate so I can still eat what I want but just not as much.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  63. Susan E. says

    I make sure to never skip meals and and to eat meals that are healthy and filling. Making wise choices is always easier for me if I don’t feel like I’m starving.

    dogsrock at insightbb dot com

  64. Ellie W says

    I never accept anything to take home from a party and I avoid alcoholic drinks so I don’t have to worry about those empty calories.

  65. Lathres B says

    I keep Mini Babybel in a cooler in my car with fruit and water. It’s a great snack and keeps me from eating fatty deserts when I arrive at Holiday Parties.

  66. Adriana says

    I am a big Foodie! I love food and I love to eat!! This year, I am sticking to traditional Colombian food that is not eaten everyday. I am also doing only one dish per course. Appetize = Empanadas, Dinner = Sancocho cooked over the fire pit with a cabbage salad and Dessert = Buñuelos with Chocolate.It will still be tasty but there will not be so much different food to over do it on.

  67. Carolina says

    If you are a food lover, no matter how much your body is telling you: “stop, I am FULL” you probably will continue eating!
    If you are like me, this is the advice… stop driving and walk!
    Walk everywhere you can! Take your dog out for a longer walk! Invite friends to exercise with you. Play wii and move your body like if you mean it!
    You don’t need to become an Athlete!!! You just need to burn extra calories to enjoy the holiday treats!
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  68. Patricia says

    I eat more salad and veggies so I can skip over the more fattening food choices. I also choose water to drink.

  69. Marci P says

    I lost 30 pounds last year by just cutting out junk food and soda. I don’t like veggies but I do eat a lot of fruit and pasta.
    I have three teens who are all thin and in good shape. We eat dinner together every night and I make sure that there are healthy options in the house, not cookies and candy — except this time of year, you have to have Christmas cookies! Lol!

    buddhistmom @ gmail dot com

  70. sillygirl says

    I dish up my husband’s plate – then I fix my plate with 1/4 of what I gave him. We also have fresh fruit for dessert. I cook sweets but share most of it with my neighbors – the rest goes in the freezer. And I keep up my exercise program!

  71. julieh says

    I drink big glasses of water before a meal, and eat fruit and veggies to fill up before other treats.

  72. Debbie C says

    I don’t try too much at Christmas. But, I don’t eat foods offered just to be social, cordial or nice to my hosts. I take small portions first, only finish what I really like and skip things like sugary sodas all together. I drink water usually.


  73. kelly w. says

    To eat healthy during the holiday season I keep a veggie tray & fruit tray handy for snacking – easy to just grab a small piece of fruit or a few cut veggies! To help manage portions I don’t use large serving spoons – just regular spoons.

    chlorinebrain at sbcglobal dot net

  74. Elizabeth N. says

    I allow myself to eat small portions of what I’m really craving (like sweets). And then I pop in a piece of minty gum – it helps my mouth feel clean like I just brushed my teeth and then I don’t want to eat anything else.

  75. Geoff K says

    To try to minimize my holiday treat and junk food indulgences, I drink a lot of water before and during parties so my stomach stays fuller the entire time, and I limit myself to one of any treat or one plateful from dinners and buffets. Thanks a lot for the chance to enter!

  76. says

    during the holidays I limit alcohol intake because that’s empty calories. I healthy meal before heading out so I’m less likely to snack. Finally when I’m full, I stop eating

    teechbiz at gmail dot com

  77. Erica C. says

    I eat a healthy meal at home before I go to any holiday party. It keeps me fuller and less likely to eat bad treats.

  78. Lori Walker says

    I have learned to always bring a dish when going to a holiday party. Then, I seem like a gracious guest and know that there is at least one healthy option available!

  79. Debra F says

    I found that the time I overeat too much is at dinner (especially when there is pasta or potatoes), so I’ve taken to eating on a bread plate….seriously. It sounds like a tiny portion, but I fill the plate so I feel like I’ve got a whole plate full, and usually it’s plenty of food. If I get hungry later, I have a healthy snack. Works well at parties too. I let myself have whatever I want as long as it can fit on one small size plate.

  80. shel says

    I don’t snack except Christmas day, then I allow myself to indulge in a few treats since I’ve been good for weeks. I also make sure I eat a huge breakfast before we go to my mother’s for dinner so I’m not ravenous and overeat.

  81. Teegan Briggs says

    I have a rule for myself…before I go for the junk food, I will eat something healthier and then wait 20 minutes before indulging. So…if somebody brings over lasagna, I will have a banana and some salad before gorging myself on the fattening food!

  82. Lewis F says

    It’s important to eat small, healthy, snacks in the morning and afternoon. It will keep your metabolism ramped up so you are burning fat. And, You won’t be as hungry when mealtime arrives.

  83. says

    I make sure I don’t keep any sweets that I make over the holidays in my house. We eat a few and then drop them off at someone else’s house or a work potluck! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  84. says

    I load up on fruit: pears, oranges, cranberry (I have to be careful on that last one!). I guess I’m “lucky” enough not to have a severe sweet tooth. I drink a lot of water (which is also good when you’re inside overly heated rooms) and watch my portions

  85. nanjhall says

    I try to choose the treats that I really want and ignore the rest. I also increased by exercise this month so I could indulge more without feeling too guilty.

  86. Valeen N says

    I try to keep plenty of fruits and veggies on hand already cut up so we reach for those instead of the sugary goodies!

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  87. Claire says

    Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of veggies so you won’t have too much room for all the unhealthy stuff!

  88. Angel Jacklyn says

    Holiday eating, I don’t worry to much about it, I am a huge salad eater so I gear towards that mostly.


  89. latisha depoortere says

    Im not a big eater so it is not that hard to eat right I eat small meals! great giveaway thank you so much!

  90. latisha depoortere says

    Tweeted too!/latishajean/status/19574489020891136

  91. says

    The recession hit our family HARD these past few years. We’ve learned to scale back, especially on food. Really, do we need to have leftovers for the next 5 days?

    We’ve honed in on what we think is important, and food ended up being at the bottom of the list. We have a great meal, wonderful dessert and loads of conversation, games and movies.

  92. Amy Brewer says

    I just try to eat veggies when I get hungry. I tend to want to eat the goodies and snacking while baking is a major problem for me. I try to keep veggies like broccoli and carrots around to snack on when I want something. Doesn’t always work but I do try to do it.
    By the way, I am so loving the snowman sled in the picture..So cute!!

  93. heatherzilla says

    I just pick the the items I want most and have a small portion. I eat slowly so that I can savor the flavors and textures.

  94. Vivian Vizcaino says

    Hi, Great article.

    I am watching what i am eating those days, trying to eat healthy salads and mostly fruits and raw vegetables and drinking plenty of fresh water during the day that way i can balance somehow the extra calories that inevitable will add on the diet,
    I don’t like sacrifice myself a\restraining from eating on Christmas dinner or holiday parties, of course, I watch the size of portions ’cause I love to try all the goddies.
    Vivian V.

  95. Mickey Coutts says

    I eat healthy when friends are bringing me all sorts of goodies by eating a healthy meal first, before parties or entertaining. If I’m not hungry, I won’t nibble the goodies!

  96. Becky Horn says

    To be honest I dont do alot of watching what I eat during the holidays, Its my time to enjoy all the great food. I try to drink extra water though.

  97. Danielle B. says

    for portion control i use a smaller plate. tricks the brain into thinking that is how much it will take to get full! sometimes i eat a healthy snack before the party so i am not tempted by the bad stuff. :)

  98. valancia says

    Try staying away from the goodies and fattening things such as baked goods candy and things loaded with butter sugar or cream and think in your head- I’ll pay for this later and maybe that will motivate you. Try drinking beverages more than eating to help you feel fuller

  99. April says

    I always try to eat a filling breakfast, usually oatmeal, and a filling lunch with lots of protein and fiber so I’m less likely to snack.

  100. Laura Emerson says

    If you are going to parties at friend and neighbors, get together before the holidays and create a healthy list which you all will follow. This way everyone has healthy foods and snacks and you do it as a community.

  101. Leslie S. says

    I try to have a healthy snack for every unhealthy one I eat.I try to keep fruits and veggies around as well as cheese and crackers to not be tempted to just eat the junk.Thanks!

  102. clynsg says

    Although we have the goodies in the house for the get-togethers, I send the majority of them home with my daughter, who does have the extra appetites in her house! That does not mean, unfortunately, that I might not indulge somewhat while they are here.

  103. Denise S says

    The only way to avoid overeating during the holidays would be to have nothing good in the house. I let myself enjoy it and start over at New Years.

  104. PauleyD says

    My strategy is to stay healthy all year round and indulge around the holiday season. I like to work out and I tend to eat clean year round, so when the holidays roll around I don’t feel bad about sampling from the goody tray.

    My wife lets herself eat off of one medium sized plate and doesn’t go for seconds.

  105. Christina Mordenti says

    I wanted to watch what I ate this year and we lucked out by my husband and I changing our traditions a bit and accepted a family invitation to Christmas Eve. Their Colombian tradition is to celebrate that night instead of on Christmas Day so I did not do my big traditional feast on Christmas afternoon. Since we ate at their house, there were no tempting leftovers in the fridge. They did have a big roasted pig (which I admit I ate because it was awesome) but the rest of the food was pretty healthy, salad with lime dressing, green beans, corn on the cob and some other little bits here and there but they did not have tons of cookies and sweets. All in all, a great solution to filling up on fattening leftovers at my place. We actually had home cooked shrimp stir fry for dinner on Christmas…lol.

  106. Felicia K. says

    I really try to limit my portions because bottom line: I can’t not eat all the wonderful food laying out infront of me. Plus I can’t hurt my mom’s feelings who just spent an entire day cooking it. So I drink lots of water, and limit the amount of food and deserts I eat.

  107. says

    I manage to eat healthfully and keep portions small by giving away all leftovers and by permitting myself just a taste of my favorites.

  108. Betty C says

    I don’t like feeling like I’m counting every calorie when I’m part of a celebration. So I fill up on salads and veggies and have small portions of the rest of the things that look yummy. I don’t usually draw any strange looks and I don’t gain a lot over the holidays so I guess it works.

  109. Olga A says

    I take small portions from everything (how can u not try all that delicious food?!?) and don’t go for seconds. . .

  110. says

    These are great tips! I don’t drink alcohol so I try to fill up on water, and am sure to keep on eating lots of fruits and veggies the way I usually do. I only eat the foods I really, really like and leave the ones that I’m not totally in love with behind. When it comes to dessert I look at everything to see what there is before choosing and then chose small portions of my favorites. I try to eat slowly and really enjoy what I’m eating – no mindless eating for me!

  111. CATHY TRUMAN says

    Drinkin lots of water taking long walks every nigh with our dog.
    Eating fresh fruit and veggies at the parties.

  112. carol y says

    We just eat our regular diet. I gave up baking, except for family birthdays, years ago. I cook from scratch and do not bring fried or junk food into the house. We exercise EVERY day and eat as healthy as we can.

  113. Diane Baum says

    ****I hope you read all your comments-before I answer the question…i am so happy to find your site. I am an adoptive mom of 2 sons from Colombia and your site looks so cool! I want to try the recipes.
    Now on to answering the question – i try to use potion control, but have started using a written food diary of what I eat, where I eat it and at what time. I have found out that my worst time, especially during the holiday season is late afternoon…where I go crazy stuffing myself with sugary holiday Christmas cookies and candy!

  114. rebecca says

    My will power is nil, I have no resistance to temptation so knowing this I have to practice avoidance. It seems to be the best way for me to manage/control my eating.

  115. Norma says

    I need to GAIN weight so calories aren’t an issue. I do need to make sure I still get plenty of veggies and fruit and protein to keep healthy

  116. LAMusing says

    I go ahead and indulge in holiday goodies without guilt. I just make sure all my other meals and snacks are really healthy and low calorie

  117. Jill L says

    I keep my party going to a minimum. I’m not that great at having self-discipline so it’s easier just to skip the parties.

  118. Suzanne Lewis says

    I eat whatever I want but I only eat 1 spoonful of each, so I don’t overindulge.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  119. Anamaria says

    During the holidays i follow a few rules
    Eat very little of everything and when I mean little I mean like toddler portions.
    When I go shopping park very far away so I have to walk and exercise.
    And finally when new years come start walking.

  120. Donna B. says

    I try to avoid the sweets, and stick to the fresh fruit and veggies – then I don’t worry about the portions! For any of the “bad” foods I indulge in, I limit portions to no more than a 1/2 cup. I actually have a 1/2 cup measuring cup in my purse that I’ve had in there for awhile now, so I can eyeball it pretty accurately.

  121. Aaron B from IL says

    My best tip is to eat a healthy meal before going to a party so that you won’t eat so much unhealthy food at the party.

  122. tallcapp says

    I don’t believe it is that critical to limit what you eat during the holidays as long as the rest of the 11 1/2 months of the year you keep to a healthy exercise and diet regimen.

  123. Sarah L says

    My portion control is keeping foods out of my house that I would eat too much of. Thanks for the contest.

  124. ILIANA BLAIR says

    Have 2 glasses of water before eating to make you feel fuller, moderate eating and only healthy items.

  125. Roxann says

    I always try to eat a healthy meal at home before I go out to a holiday party or get together. This way I won’t be so hungry that I will eat too much junk food while I’m out.

  126. Brandy Byrne says

    I have recently discovered that I can still hoola hoop with the best of them. My daughter had asked for one last summer and while we cleaning out her room I found it. Been using it daily for about 5 minutes a day and WOW!! What a difference.

  127. Justine says

    I think the best way to not overindulge is to make sure you’re not hungry when you go to eat…eat a small snack with fiber in it so that you don’t eat all night!

  128. Rosey says

    Carve out a slot of time (I do an hour) every single morning and work out/exercise. It sets the mood for the entire day because you’ll not want to blow that early morning hard work. You’ll choose smaller portions and refuse to overindulge. It’s a surefire way to keep the calorie count down during the holidays for me.

  129. Barbara Long says

    I eat healthy overall during the holiday season but will indulge in a few favorite treats as long as the portions are small. Drinking water all day helps me from overeating at meal time and snacking in between meals.


  130. R Hicks says

    I eat the healthiest looking dishes and then have a couple of my fav. desserts but only small portions

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  131. Heather H. says

    With every unhealthy food I put in my mouth I try to make sure the next bit is something healthy like a vegetable or fruit.
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com