La Chamba Giveaway

La Chamba Giveaway

I am very excited about today’s giveaway! You guys already know how much I love La Chamba Colombian Clay Cookware. I wrote a review last year about them and I absolutely recommend La Chamba. If you missed the review, here is the link.

Thanks to Toque Blanche, one of My Colombian Recipes’ readers will win:


A Medium La Chamba Soup Pot “: Price: $59.95
Size: 8″ x 8″ x 6” (3.5 Qt.)

Because La Chamba cookware is handmade, dimensions are approximate, actual size may vary.

To enter just follow the instructions on the form below. United States Shipping only. Good luck!

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  1. says

    I love this beautiful, simple (and vegetarian-friendly!) pureed squash soup my Colombian boyfriend makes. So hearty and delicious!

  2. Sandi Montealegre White says

    Thanks to you, it has become a tradition in our house en Navidad! Gracias!!

  3. Allison Dubbs says

    I know mazamorra doesn’t quite count as a soup, but I eat it like one. And it is one of my all time favorite foods!
    of a “real soup” I must say Ajiaco.

  4. Erin Ellis says

    Potato soup is my favorite. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  5. Maria Camila Londono says

    My all time favorite soup is definitely el Ajiaco. My dad used to make it for me when i lived in Colombia. :)

  6. Leah says

    What a beautiful dish! My husband is Caleño, so our favorite soup is Sancocho de Gallina. I also love to make a spicy butternut squash soup in the fall and winter.

  7. Marly says

    I just visited Colombia for the first time (was adopted from Bucaramanga) and my Mamá made Caldito de Papa which I loved.

  8. David says

    favorite soups are:
    Black Bean Soup with crispy smoked bacon crumbled into
    Cream of Blue Crab Soup – butter, whole, milk and cream
    Portuguese Green Soup (Caldo Verde)

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