PlanetBox Shuttle

PlanetBox Shuttle

A couple of years ago I posted a review for the “PlanetBox Rover” lunch box. After two years of school lunches, I am very happy to report that my son’s lunch box still looks brand new and we absolutely love it! So, when Caroline from PlanetBox contacted me about their new product the “PlanetBox Shuttle“, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to check it out and put it to the test.


PlanetBox Shuttle Review

She was very kind and sent me one to review, and for my kids to use. The PlanetBox Shuttle is smaller that the one we have and I love it! It’s perfect for packing small meals and snacks, and it will be perfect to take on field trips. With the PlanetBox Shuttle you also can choose a magnet set and a compact Shuttle Carry Bag with four different beautiful and fun designs.

PlanetBox Shuttle

PlanetBox Shuttle

As a Mom, what I love the most about the PlanetBox lunch boxes is their durable and dishwasher safe, stainless steel construction. This stainless construction was the initial selling point of these lunch boxes for our family, as my husband does his best to keep our kitchen free of plastic food storage products, for health and safety concerns. Oh, and let’s not forget the Planet Box’s cool storage compartments!

My son loves his two lunch boxes and can’t wait to start using the new style this year.

PlanetBox Shuttle

If you want more information about PlanetBox or better yet, want to get your own PlanetBox, you can buy one directly from their website here, or you can pick one up on

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    Now I am hungry! Those are great options for the box. I wish they made a small glass container like for the launch that fit in both the shuttle and the rover square so you could heat part of your lunch if needed.

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