Getting Ready for a New Life!

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It’s so exciting to be able to celebrate the blessing of having a new baby with all of my readers and talk to you about how are we’re getting ready for this wonderful event.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the physical changes and feelings of pregnancy these days. Like feeling tired, nauseated and cranky, and seeing waves in my stomach all day long. Let’s not forget the heartburn and my body expanding everywhere. When I say expanding, trust me, it is expanding. I can’t even see my feet anymore :-) But then I’m brought back to reality and am humbled with the incredible miracle of life and motherhood. It is indeed a miracle. It’s so wild to think that our baby, who started as two cells, is now ready to be born as a little person.

After months of waiting and wondering, the time is almost here. A wonderful child to share our love, our heart, our home, our family and our dreams. We’re working on names as we speak and we need one equally as special for this little baby as my first child’s name. I am getting the room ready and getting all the other fun stuff together to welcome the new member of our family.

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So here you are my dear readers, for the coming months, this is what I will be busy with: changing diapers, getting up all night, learning to take care of a newborn all over again, and being a mom of two children. I will also be trying to lose all the baby weight!

I look forward to sharing the experience of it all with you as I am going along. As all of you moms know, the second you have a kid it’s all about them. My journey as a mommy of two has just about begun and I know without a doubt that I’m in for the biggest challenge and most profound adventure that a woman can encounter. I’m pumped, I’m scared, I’m motivated, I’m in love and I’m grateful. Motherhood is the most amazing gift.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about the special moments in my life. Motherhood have been such an incredible gift and I find it so easy to share with you. I learn so much from your comments and opinions and value every one of them.

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  1. says

    I’m not a parent but my hubs and I do lots of meal planning, calendar checking and communication to coordinate our busy schedules. I love my SlimFast because it’s a quick, easy, no-brainer lunch and healthy for me too!

  2. says

    Oh, I wish I had a secret to balancing my life to be a great parent. Unfortunately, it seems like if I focus on one thing, the other things fail. It is definitely a difficult juggling act. But, if you figure out what means the most to you, you’ll figure out where to focus your energy.

  3. says

    I try not to freak out or get upset if the day doesn’t go as planned or if I don’t get everything done. I try to do one thing at a time and know as long as they are fed and loved everything will be okay. But I do try to get up a little earlier and stay up later when the kids are asleep to get things done
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  4. Monica Young says

    It is not easy and I still have conflicts trying to balance work and family time, but at the end I believe that the quality of the time I spend with my family is more important that the quantity. I see some parents that are in the house but do not spend the time with the kids. I have to work to provide for the family, so when I am with the family, I am with the family!

  5. shala_darkstone says

    I don’t think you can balance life all the time. I think there are times in life that you devote more to your children (when they’re young), and then when they’re older it evens out more and you can spend more time on your marriage.

  6. Jeannett says

    It’s a juggling act that I don’t think you ever master. Just remember to always put family first. Children grow up so fast and you can never get those days back

  7. Ian's mama ia says

    Motherhood is the most challenging experience I have had in my life; and will not change it for anything. I do not think I have been this happy, ever. meaningful happy, really.The way a deal with it? I put my family first. If dishes or the house are not clean and my son is asking to be with him, or make his favorite puzzle. I am right there with him. Won’t miss a thing about him. Life is short and he wont’ remember the dishes being clean but the experiences we share as a family. My husband supports that approach. :)

  8. Karina says

    About two weeks ago I quit my full time job to become a stay at home mom and the transition has been quite positive. I feel like even though I am busy at home, I have had more time to choose what I eat and have already lost four pounds actually using the slim fast diet. I think meal planning is the key. On those days that I want to eat a peanut butter sandwich or hamburger or something naughty, I do it but I am careful and make sure I am getting my veggies and fruits as well! I think it comes down to balance and find out what works best for each person!

  9. Lisa says

    My secret to balancing my life is prioritizing. I try to do what I absolutely have to do first and make sure the important things are taken care of. Less important things, I have to learn to let go in order to have more time for myself and for home life. Making time to relax and enjoy life is important.

  10. says

    It’s not that easy. We are trying to get healthier–which helps overall! In fact, My husband and I are on a weight loss journey! We have joined the gym and our goal is to workout every other day! The hardest part is eating better and/or substituting meals with something like Slimfast!


  11. Monica B says

    Gosh, I wish I had a secret! I’m still trying to get the hang of it all. I do know that a big helper was getting my baby to sleep through the night. That made all the difference.
    Thanks for this!

  12. Bonnie says

    Mostly everyone seems to agree that balancing family and work is a challenge. I have learned to forget about trying to keep the house perfect, and decided that folded laundry is overated. I prefer to spend my time when I come home from work with the kids and hubby…..I figure when the kids are older and I will focus more on the other tasks. I try to make easy meals that the kids can help me make so we spend that time together too!

  13. Angela A says

    I actually need to get on the ball. I need to start exercising and cutting down the amt of food I eat.

  14. Margaret Smith says

    My secret is keeping my calander organized and keeping lists.
    Thanks so much.

  15. Stephanie V. says

    no secret – not balancing right now – fighting cancer, tired mom still trying to work part-time — gained tons of weight from treatment – no balance whatsoever – day by day
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. says

    balance? what is that,lol. It’s tough, I try hard, but I never get it 100%. I usually have very little me in my balanced life. I make time when I can, but it doesn’t happen often enough

  17. SANDY says

    I don’t want to just prepare for an event I want to prepare for life- portion and food control is the key

  18. Cynthia C says

    The kids are grown now, but when they were small made sure I had a little time out with friends as well as quality time with the kids. I think both were very important.

  19. Debra F says

    I’m not an expert at balance, but I do make sure my husband and I get alone time – both together away from the children and also away from each other!

  20. sherri crawford says

    my secret to balancing my life and being a parent is to keep things in perspective and not losing my temper

  21. karen says

    My daughter is grown now, but when she was with me, we did everything together and were very active.

  22. Patricia Sanchez says

    There is no secret, if there was can somebody please tell me. I have three wonderful kids and a husband to take care of plus work, it takes a lot out of you its hard work. I think if the whole family pulls together it makes it a lot easier to work as team.

  23. says

    the secret is that no one really has all the answers and if they say they do well they’re lying or delusional. The other secret is that you have what it takes even when it seems like you don’t always measure up to your own yardstick

  24. Milissa says

    I spend a lot of time with other moms, talking about our lives and our problems…It helps jsut having other people who can relate to what you are going through.

  25. Olivia says

    Congratulations on the new coming-soon baby!

    I think my secret to balancing it all is to nap when the baby naps so I can recharge myself and also remember to find humor in all the things I can as laughing is a great stress reliever.

  26. elizabeth atkins says

    The best secret I’ve found is taking 5 minutes everyday to let everything go. I need a little quiet or I get overwhelmed.

  27. Denise S says

    I have no real secret. Until they are older you don’t have any other life than being a parent.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  28. Kerry says

    I try to sneak in some “me time” as much as I can. Even if it’s just after they go to bed at night.

  29. says

    Balancing life? I’m not quite sure I’ve got that one down just yet! I like to take a little time for myself. A quick couple block walk is enough to get my head clear and ready to take on life’s challenges!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  30. Erica C. says

    I just make sure to get some time to myself everyday. Even if its just 15 minutes in the morning when I wake up to do a crossword puzzle.

  31. ashley says

    never put yourself last.. if you aren’t taking care of your needs, you aren’t taking care of others needs to the best of your ability

  32. Donna B. says

    My secret is not to sweat the small stuff – I’d much rather spend time with my son than making sure the house is dusted. The dust bunnies appreciate my outlook :) LOL

  33. Deb K says

    Well~My kids are grown but when they were little I tried to spend time with each one.As they grow so fast!


  34. Ashley S. says

    I try to be patient and go with the flow. Just remember that no matter how stressful things get, they will eventually get better and to be happy about what you have. And make time for yourself!

  35. nanjhall says

    My secret to balancing life is to always make sure I take time for myself. If I don’t and I am stressed, then I take it out on the world and everyone else ends up stressed.

  36. Suzanne K says

    I got lucky in my quest to balance work and being a mom and was able to work from home most of the time! Helped a lot, but had lots of added challenges as well, but I could always adjust and go to whatever my daughter was doing (dance, swim, sing, lessons, events, recitals…….)

  37. marylou says

    I don’t have a secret just try to keep my head above water……4 teens and a 40 hr a week job…I gulp down a slim fast while blow drying my hair getting ready for work and that is breakfast..

  38. Valeen N says

    Actually it’s very difficult to balance everything, but I try and make sure that I keep my priorities straight, then everything else seems to balance itself out better!

  39. rebecca says

    I think choosing to love, and knowing the love will require sacrifice, and knowing that the I am willing to make those sacrifices. It is with great pleasure that I see my children now making those same types of decisions for their families.

  40. AEKZ2 says

    I balance my life by making sure that I have time for myself everyday– whether it’s 15 minute reading before bed or having a couple of hours to myself after the kids go to bed.

  41. Becky Horn says

    I will never claim to have balance in my life with 5 kids! LOL but I do what I can do in the time I am given and hope that everyone is happy.

  42. Jessica says

    I’m not a parent yet but I think you have to take sanity wherever you can find it-for me that usually involves time each day to just relax and read, take a hot shower, and catch up on my TV shows online

  43. christal C says

    Oh my gosh if you know let me know. I have a 12yr old and I’m still trying to find that balance. Do we ever truly find it?

  44. Joanne Schultz says

    I am neither a spouse nor a parent, so the only needs I have to balance are my own!
    I basically have a routine I stick to – weekday or weekend – it’s the same.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. susan smoaks says

    my secret is “me” time, i get up at 4 so i have time to do what i want to do in the mornings before everyone else gets up!

  46. Shelley Mitchell says

    I just try and take at least a 1/2 hour for myself everyday to get my head together and relax!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  47. Betty C says

    My children are all adults now but I don’t think I did a great job of “balancing” my life. My children were always first, no matter what. Even the extra things I did were centered around them, PTA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, camping trips. But we all ended up okay. I don’t regret any of the time I spent involved with their interests.

  48. Leslie S. says

    I have learned over the years(4 kids ranging from 3-13) that you must take time for yourself and time for you and your spouse.i would do anything for my kids but after them being with me 24/7 365 days a year I do need time to myself.Thanks!

  49. Kat K. says

    There is no secret to balancing your life and being a parent…sorry.
    Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you just have to ” accept the things you can not change” and you will be a of happier person. Thanks for the giveaway!