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  1. says

    Hi, Erica

    Next week, I am going to take a week off for “blog vacation” followed by another two weeks of our summer vacation. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest blog post on my site? It can be a post that you already have or a new one if you like. Please let me know! Thank you so much!


  2. says

    great site….I have joined and will also bookmark. love your recipes. I have been into Latin cooking a lot lately and will be trying some of your dishes.

    Have a great day.

  3. Frankie Rojas says

    Hola Erica!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your website looking for traditional style Colombian Arepas… Al estilo Colombiano, de los que se compra de la señora de la esquina cuando la hora de la merienda se acerca!… anyway. I’m Colombian, born and raised con orgullo, but I live in the states. I’m in the Military so it’s hard to travel to Colombia as often as I’d like. I’ve been TRYING to make arepas for the longest time…. my mom gave me a recipe but since she doesn’t speak a lick of english didn’t know how to translate the recipe and I’m not familiar with some of the terms in english. I just learned that yuca is cassava thanks to your blog and a Salvadoreña friend of mine! Anyway… looking at your blog has made me super happy… I’m going to start trying to cook one of your dishes at least once a week! I’m so excited! I was looking for arepas and found a whole blog dedicated to Colombian food, by a Colombian!!! I can’t express how excited I am (I LOVE FOOD, ESPECIALMENTE LA DE NUESTRO PAIS)!

    Bueno, muchas gracias por dedicar el tiempo y el conocimento pa’ que la gente como yo tambien podamos gozar de toda la comida de Colombia!!

    Juepa Je! Que Viva Colombia Hombre!

  4. says

    Hi there – your contact form seems not to be working, so I am stopping by to invite you to check out, a new food/photography site. Hoping you will like what you see! – Donalyn

  5. ricky ricardo says

    hi erica,

    i had emailed you last month about the traditional colombian wedding cake.
    could you please email me the recipe.
    i would really appreciate it.

    best regards,

  6. Joel Call says

    I lived in Colombia for 2 years in the cities of Neiva, Ibague, Chicoral, Soacha, Girardot. I have a couple of questions for you. i live in the San Antonio Texas are and want to know where you can find banana leaves for tamales. #2 We used to eat a salad type dish with boiled egss and beets. Do you know what that is and if so do you have the recipe. #3 Do you have a salpicon recipe? Thanks for this website it brings back great memories of a beautiful country.

  7. joel says

    I cant remember for sure if it had potatoes or not. I think it might have had them. Thanks for the response. Im making my first batch of avena as we speak.

  8. Rose says

    Erica, your website is a God Send. I been visiting it for months and I have tried many recipes. I want to thank you so much.
    I was born & raised in Queens, NY and grew up Traveling to Medellin often where I learned to love and appreciate Colombian cuisine. In New York I have always had the luxury of being surrounded by My Colombian parents, relatives and restaurants. I grew up enjoying all the typical Colombian dishes and never had to go without them…until now.
    I have married a military man and he is stationed far away from home. Since my move in December of 2009, I no longer had family, relatives friends or stores where I can reach out for colombian comfort food. My husband is not Colombian but he loves the food and culture. Since finding your website I have been cooking Typical Colombian dishes at least twice a week. My husband looks forward to the meals and I fill up with joy smelling the familiar scents I grew up with.
    Thank you for creating this site and giving us Colombianas who are far away from home… a taste of home!

  9. Ana says

    Erica… do you have a recipe for Arepas boyacenses?? I was so little when my grandma died that I never fully learned how to make them! There seems to be nowhere on the Internet that has the recipe. These arepas are the best!
    By the way, great blog! I just found it looking for a recipe for changua… mmmm yummy!!

  10. LUCERO says


    Encontré este fabuloso website por casualidad, y aunque la cocina y yo nunca nos hemos llevado bien, le escribo para agradecerle mucho el esfuerzo, el tiempo y el trabajo que invierte en este espacio para hacernos la vida más rica a los Colombianos que estando lejos de casa, extrañamos los aromas y sabores de la comida de las mamis y abuelas.

    Compartiré este fabuloso hallazgo con mis amigas Colombianas que viven en US.

  11. says

    Hola Erica,

    Saludos desde Medellin. You have a great site. I was born in Bogota, but was raised in Southern California. I have been back in Colombia for 5 months now and I’m going to stay. I can’t imagine leaving. Medellin is amazing, the food is amazing and the people are great. I run my online marketing business from my apartment, where I try your recipies. I do have a bit of a knack for cooking, my parents actually opened up a Colombian food restaurant in Orange County, California this past December and it’s doing well, so cooking kind of runs in the family. My favorite dish is your lentil soup. It’s so easy to make and guests love it. Gusto en ver que una compatriota le valla bien. Suerte y que viva Colombia!

    Andrew Macia

  12. esperanza says

    se me olvido comentarte. No se si tu tienes una de las mejores y mas simples recetas para hacer arequipe.

    Mi Madre solia poner una lata de leche condensada (sin el label) en la olla pitadora por unos 30 o 40 minutos . despues la pasas por agua fria y la dejas reposar hasta que este fria. Luego habres la lata y tienes el mas delicioso arequipe que te puedas imaginar.

    gracias gracias gracias por todo los que haces. acabe de ver tu foto. Yo tambien soy casada con un Americano y tengo cuatro hijos nacidos aqui. a veces les gusta la comida de mi patria, pero a mi es la que me dan antojos al recordar a mi tierra y es dificl conseguir comida colombiana aqui pues vivo en Albany y aqui nadie sabe de comida colombiana.

  13. marisel says

    cual es la diferencia entre cotija cheese y feta cheese, yo considero que cotija cheese es el mas parecido a queso seco o costeño y saldo que se utiliza en colombia para las arepas, pandebono etc.

  14. Erika says

    Erica- This is a great blog. I like the way you make it all look so easy! I’m from Colombia, and anytime I visit your blog, I feel a little bit at home. Thanks for sharing our wonderful cuisine with the world!

  15. Magda says

    I love Colombia food, I was born in Colombia and live here in USA . Asi que espero muchas recetas e intercambio de recets conel amor de corazon Magda

  16. Dennis says

    Erica – Great blog! I’m wondering if you can help me. I recently visited Colombia and when I was there (in Cartago) I had a breakfast tamal which had eggs in it and was topped with a peanut sauce. Have you ever seen such a thing? I would love to be able to reproduce it at home!

    Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into this!

  17. Holly says

    Hi Erica,

    Your site is such a pleasure, congratulations! I have been to Colombia a couple of times and really love the beautiful people and culture. A gorgeous, great and proud country. Your website offers us an opportunity to access first hand the rich and varied cooking style of Colombia. I’ve been trying some of your recipes and have enjoyed preparing and savoring the results! The lentil soup is my favorite. Thank you so much for serving us a slice of your culture!