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Hola and Welcome to My Colombian Recipes. I hope you enjoy your visit!


About me

My name is Erica Dinho and I am from Medellin, Colombia. I came to the United States in 2000 to visit family and in early 2001, I met a man who soon after became my husband. My English wasn’t so good then and he didn’t speak much Spanish, but we managed just fine. However, he does still occasionally make fun of my accent and my sometimes misuse use of the English language while referencing an “I Love Lucy” episode :-) Anyway, I have been in this country ever since. We live in the northeastern United States with our two boys. I enjoy watching cooking shows, reading recipe books and I absolutely love to cook! I am not a professional chef however. My educational background is in Tourism and Hotel Management and Marketing.


Although Spanish is my first language, this site is written in English, so please excuse any grammatical errors…I do my best.

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About the site

This blog was created in February 2009 and was inspired by my grandmother, Mamita, who was an amazing traditional Colombian cook. I never saw Mamita cooking from a recipe. She made dinner from whatever ingredients she found in the kitchen. My hope is that people from other countries discover Colombian food and learn more about our culture and traditions. Cooking traditional Colombian food connects me to my culture and allows me to share my heritage with my American family.

My recipes are not limited to traditional Colombian food. I have many other recipes for dishes representing other countries that I enjoy cooking for my family and friends, which I will also share with you. The sources of most of my recipes are my family, friends and my own creations and experiments, but if I cook a dish from a magazine, cookbook or TV show, I will list the source. All of the pictures and writing are done by me. The webmaster of My Colombian Recipes is my husband, who doesn’t get a lot credit, but he handles all the technical stuff for the site.

Comments and e-mails

I appreciate all of your comments, feedback and e-mails. I read every single one of them! I am not always able to reply to them all but I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Although I appreciate constructive criticism, rude comments will be deleted and not published.  Remember, you can also subscribe to My Colombian Recipes by email or feed reader and never miss a post! Thank you for visiting.

This site is also available in Spanish (en español en este enlance)

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  1. camila says

    hi! i was also born in colombia! my name is maria-camila and i lived in cali till i was 5 and now im 12 years old! well im glad ur talking abount colombia! im coco colombian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Monia says

    Hi Erika… tu sitio esta super!!! Porque nunca cocinaste nada para mi??? Espero que cuando vengas a Colombia lo hagas!!! Gracias por compartir tus recetas. Tienes cositas faciles de hacer con niños??? yo no soy muy buena pero Alejandra seguira los pasos de su tia Erika. Te mando un abrazo, cuidate. TQM. Monica Gonzalez.

  3. Erica says

    Hola Monica,
    Muchas Gracias por visitar mi blog…..Te prometo que en la proxima visita a Colombia te hago una de mis recetas favoritas :)

    Voy a publicar algunas recetas para que las hagas con Alejandra y me cuentas como te fue….
    Un Abrazo.


  4. ANNY says


  5. Natalia says

    Hola amiga estoy muy feliz de leer todas tus recetas…Alex ya a puesto en pracrica algunas de tus recetas y no le salen tan masl…amiga te pido un favor si tienes la receta de torta negra publicala estoy loca por comerla y no tengo ni idea de cuales con los ongredientes..
    Bueno amiga te felicito y te envio un abrazote desde madrid.

  6. juliana says

    Hola Erica, felicitaciones en tu web.Me encontre con Ana ayer y me conto. Todo se ve muy rico, pronto comenzare a usarlas.

  7. Cindy says


    My husband and I adopted our beautiful children, as infants, from Bucaramanga and Cali; they are now 20 and 17 years old. I am excited about finding your website and am anxious to try the recipes; they bring back memories of the delicious meals we ate while in Colombia! Gracias!

  8. says

    hola Erica,

    Solo quiero decirte: muchas felicidades por tu blog, es el primero que encuentro sobre cocina Colombiana de la cual no se mucho (si, lo se, que pena). Sigue adelante, las recetas se ven muy muy autenticas.

  9. Kay Little says

    I am so excited to find your blog…I lived in Columbia when I was a little girl and I enjoyed eating the food so much… We had a lady come in an cooked for us every day. Blessings, Kay

  10. jackie says

    this is our professor’s e-mail, he has a family member in the hospital with a Almost heart attack. Instead of the usual sorry hope your relative gets better I thought it would be a lot nicer if I could locate some Heart Healthy receipes from the columbian culture for him to pass on to his family member.

  11. Anna says

    I am so happy to have found this site!! I lived in Santander for a year and fell in love with all things Colombian… one of the things I miss the most is the food…. I look forward to preparing many of your recipes!!!

  12. viviana says

    Thank’s Erica for putting together this little piece of our culture.
    Me encanta la sencillez de tu estilo literario.
    Great recipes!

  13. Odalis Moise says

    Hello Erica!

    I think we share the same passion for food and cultures. I want to congratulate you on a fabulous job in introducing your readers to your country through the palate. I have been enjoying all your recipes and believe me I will try them because I love to cook. It is my dream to visit Colombia one day, but for now I comfort myself with videos on the internet and yes, off course, the great “novelas”. I have friends from Colombia and I have always being interested in the culture, as well as its music. Well Erica, keep up the great work. Best of luck and may God bless you.


  14. says

    It’s nice to see who does all that fabulous cooking! My sister-inlaw is from Colombia and her family are great cooks. So, when I see your posts I can relate to many of them. Thank you for sharing your ethnic cuisine. It’s fantastic. Nice picture of Mamita too. Great blog!

    Carmen of Baking is my Zen

  15. Jason says

    Hi Erica,
    THanks for publishing these wonderful recipes..Stumbled upon your site looking for avena fria recipes as my boyfriend loves it..He is from Colombia and is very proud of his country and food.He however cant cook..I am the cook and enjoy it.Have no clue really about how to make colombian food although I tried ajiaco one time and got good reviews from him and his family..I just finished making the avena fria and the lentil soup recipe..tastes soooooo yummmy..thank you erica…buen parecho…i think the spelling is wrong but you got the drift..
    love jason

  16. says

    Hello,i am doing research for afro columbians and came across your site.Can you help me further,any recipes or cook books you suggest?I hope to travel their in the future for the experience.Thanks and God Bless.

  17. Jorge says

    Hi Erica, can’t tell you how delighted I am to find your site. I too am from Colombia and I also enjoy cooking not only our “platos Tipicos” but also recipes from all over the world. You made me remember dishes I have not thought about in years and I will be preparing them soon. MIL y MIL Gracias for sharing your knowledge and for your desire to promote our culture….and of course it took a “Paisa” to make it happen…

    No soy Paisa pero si admiro y respesto el espiritu emprendedor de los Antioquenos !

  18. Mistli78 says


    Thank you so much for sharing your story & all your great recipes. I love opening your emails everyday, reading the recipes & the little stories that go along with them. I love that you are sharing your culture with us and helping us to learn about Colombia. My grandmother was from Venezuela so alot of your recipes & stories bring back memories to me also. I’m so glad that I found your site and I hope you continue it for a long time!!

    Con Mucho Carino,

  19. Felisha says

    I really appreciate you taking the time to post your recipes. I love how you have a picture to go along with every single recipe you post. Me and my colombian husband (and daughter) enjoy the food I make from your recipes. I am on Facebook as one of your fans. Stop by sometime :)

    Gracias por todas las recetas! :)

  20. says

    Dear Erica

    what a pretty lady you are! For someone who did not know much english you do a fabulous job.. I don’t think anyone reading your blog could say that you did not grow up knowing the language all thru out. I love Ricki’s accent!! & it happens to be our favorite thing to watch. thanks for sharing your sweet love story!

    same is with my blog.. my hubby takes care of all the tech. stuff.. I just cook & write.

    your recipes rock Erica. I had no clue about colombian recipes. it is who I learned it all from. so keep it coming with your Mamita’s inspiration;-)

  21. Christina says


    I love the recipes. They are so close to my Aubuela’s. I have only been able to make a handful of Colombian foods, but your site filled with these great recipes will help me to make more, and even make my Aubuela proud. :) Thank you!

    I ‘d like to share a site with you that my Tio Fabio created to help children in Colombia affected by poverty. He is just getting started, but I know that this cause is close to your heart, and maybe you can help spread the word. It is called POR LA SONRISA DE UN NIÑO! /FOR THE SMILE OF A CHILD!
    The web address is: fabioamari.webs

  22. Rachel Kay says


    My daughters boyfriend is in the Marines and stationed in Hawaii and misses Bandeja Paisa most of all. I am trying to find a way to have it shipped to him for christmas. Do you know of anyway? Please let me know.

    • Erica says

      Hi Rachel,
      I don’t know any Colombian restaurants in Hawaii, but maybe one of my readers can help you. I am going to check online and let you know :)

  23. Rachel Kay says

    he just returned from Afghanistan in October. So it has been hard and I wquld like to make it special for him. Thank you

  24. Ana says

    Hola Erica, Que chevere que esta tu pagina, no habia podido leerla con mas tiempo, pero hoy me sorprendo ver la cantidad de recetas que ya tienes.
    Voy a empezar a imprimir algunas para ver si me quedan tan ricas como se ven las tuyas un abrazo Ana.

  25. Adrianna says

    Aloha Erica! I’m so happy I found your recipe site. I live in Hawaii and it is very difficult to find tasty and authentic Latin food. So – I make my own. I’m Colombian but came to the US when I was very young. Last night I made chicharrones using the recipe on your site – it was a big hit with my family! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Thank you. It brings back good childhood memories.

  26. claudia says


  27. Liz says

    Hola Erica,

    I was also born in Medellin, Colombia and I came to the United States when I was 3 yrs old and now I am 32 yrs old. Finding your site has made me so happy and has inspired me to try these recipes just like your grandmother my mother never ever used or uses a recipe to cook from. All her delicious meals are in her head and I have tried to learn but the only thing I have really tried to make are her empanadas which came out pretty good. Anyway I just wanted to say muchas muchas gracias for creating this site, sending you a huge hug.

  28. Milena says

    Hola Erika me encanta tu blog te felicito por el buen trabajo que haces y el esfuerzo que pones en este proyecto. Yo soy de villavicencio -meta y vivo en estados desde el 99 me case con un americano tambien y tengo dos ninos. Definitivamente una exelente idea lo del blog muchas cosas super ricas que me hacen acordar de nuestra tierrita. Gracias.

  29. Gloria Chizmar says

    Hola Erica,

    Me encanta tu pagina. I was surfing the web for Hojuelas recipe and i found this page. I’m also from Medellin living in USA. I have been here for almost 20 yr. Hard to believe. Love..love your recipes, They bring me great memories. I can’t wait to make the perros calientes!! sorry for the spanglish!

    Feliz Navidad y prospero año!!

  30. Paula says

    Felicitaciones, por tu pagina soy de Cali y vivo en California hace 12 anos tambien casada con un americano que no habla espanol y como tu esposo goza con mi acento. En fin estaba buscando receta para la torta negra ya que tengo un antojo. Felices fiestas para ti y tu familia.

  31. Stephanie says

    Hello Erica,
    I would like to thank you for all of your recipes. I am a Chicana in Phoenix enamored with a Columbiano. He talks about the comfort food back home,so I went in search for recipes thinking, “Shoot I can cook ANYTHING!” Uh-oh, I don’t recognize some of the ingredients, so thank you for the links. He has a big sweet tooth and I made the Traditional Flan. Score! I am going to try the Pollo Suado this weekend. What is the difference between sazon Goya azafran and the con culantro y achiote? Can I subsitute? I purchased the sazon Goya con culantro y achiote and love the color, but can’t yet put my finger on the flavor. I just know I love it!
    Thanks again, Stephanie

    • Erica says

      Stephanie- Thank you for the comment! I like sazon Goya with azafran, because I love The color. You can use your favorite Goya seasoning.

  32. Spencer says

    I am so excited that I found this site. I served a religious mission in Colombia (1998-2000)and loved every second of it. I was up on the cost (Cartegena, Barranquilla, Monteria, and Santa Marta). I have missed the flavors of the food. I am excited to try your recipes. Can’t wait to make the perro caliente. I have not been able to find a good hot dog since I have been home. Thank you for your efforts in keeping this site going! I can’t wait to see what other recipes you have. Thanks for taking me down memory lane as I looked at the recipes and remembered eating them.

  33. mery anne says

    Hello Erica

    Dear Erica

    Im glad to found ur site, its just amazing,,makes me feel so comfortable,
    Reminds me my home, im from Medellin too. Im living in England, im engaged with a Irish guy he is a professional cook, and just todavia i found a easy way to show him all the tasty food that we got, today i cooked antioque;os beans, he is delighted, thanks god in March we are going to visit Medellin and He is very excited about it! He loves latin Food! your site its amazing, makes me feel homesick :) and After tried all this European food i had just realized that Our Food its the best food ever. :)

  34. Patricia says

    Hola, me encanta tu pagina. Muchas gracias por mostrar algo positivo de nuestro pais.Tus fotos son muy lindas, deberias de publicar un libro.

  35. Margarita says

    I love your website. I’m Colombian as well and lived in Miami, FL for most of my life. I recently moved with my husband to Albany, NY and unfortunately there is only one restaurant in the area that serves Colombian food. i have some recipes from my mother but your website has fine tuned my cooking. Gracias!

  36. juani says

    hola Erica,

    no cocino mucho pero un dia me dio por probar tu receta de los perros calientes (con la salsa de pi~na) y me quedaron deliciosos.
    estube buscando en tus recetas y no vi la de la Maria Luisa…haber cuando te animas a hacerla y ense~narnos al resto!
    Muchas gracias por compartir tus recetas.

  37. Diana Manis says

    Erica: I just happened to find your website on Google and I love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful Colombian recipes with us. Of course I’m Colombian too and I live in Florida. My husband and all his friends are wonderful cooks. They keep asking me when I’m going to cook for them a good Colombian meal. And of course I’m a young Colombian who didn’t do that much cooking back home LOL. This is the only site I’ve found with the exact and perfect explanations and recipes on how to cook Colombian way. Thanks a bunch and Dios te bendiga y que sigas cosechando éxitos. Good job!!!!
    Diana Manis.

  38. Erica says

    Diana- Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!! Makes me really happy to know that people like you are enjoying the site :)

  39. Savilac says

    Todo se ve delicioso, que idea tan increible de poner todas estas recetas aqui, me voy directo a la cocina a ver que preparo de estas recetas.
    Buena Suerte.
    S Avila

  40. Will says

    Everything (except the fish, personal dislike to all fishy things) looks absolutely delicious. I was born in Bogota and moved to US @ 4yrs old. My mom still cooks many typical dishes and she will surely enjoy your website. I love platano frito and patacon, the Paisa dish is great if one is not busy the rest of the day.
    Keep up the good work.
    Tewksbury, MA

  41. Tina says

    My boyfriend is from Colombia, I had the opportunity to visit Colombia for a month, but still did not learn how to cook. I am a bad cook, but I want to learn how to cook Colombian food for him. He is a cook, so I want to be able to cook his favourite foods as good as he does to surprise him.

  42. says

    Hi Erica,

    I have my own site (blog) about Colombia where I try to teach foreigners that Colombia has *a lot* to offer in terms of natural beauty and friendly, warm people. I also have a links page so I will be adding your site there!


    – Adam
    Eyes On Colombia

  43. Maria Teresa says

    Hola Erica,

    Que Chevere me siento muy orgullosa de ti, personas como tu engrandecen el nombre de nuestro pais, apesar de nuestros problemas, pero bueno para adelante.

    Erica son de Cali y me encantaria saber como preparar la avena, como la hacian nuestras abuelas.


  44. Inlovewithacolombian says

    Hi Erica!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful colombian recipes. Whenever my Colombian boyfriend feels homesick we choose a recipe from your site. What initially led me to your site, was the two of us searching for an Arepas recipes. One of your recipes came closest to the Arepas that he ate. Thanks so much! Keep up the hard work!

  45. says

    Hi Erica,

    Your roast chicken recipe looks great and I will be making it tomorrow. I will let you know how it comes out.

    Have a great day,

  46. Sue says

    Buenos dias, Erica!

    I met the most wonderful man from Colombia after my husband died, and we have since become inseparable. He has cooked many delicious meals for me and my children, but I am looking for inspiration so I can cook Colombian food for him here in the Midwest. We have tried making bunuelos and pandebonos from scratch, but just doesn’t taste the way he remembers. We will keep trying through your blog. Thanks so much for your recipes – it’s so much fun to feel more connected to his culture – especially through food!

  47. Angela says

    Hey Erica! Tu historia es muy similar a la mia, tambien llegue a finales del 2000 y aqui estoy! Cuando estaba en Colombia (tambien soy de Medellin), no me gustaba tanto la comida tradicional, a pesar de que era la que comia todos los dias y ahora eso es lo que le cocino a mi familia! Llegue buscando el sudado de pollo. El tuyo es algo distinto pues el mio lleva zanahoria, pero no pimenton, pero de todas maneras felicitaciones! Ah, tambien vivo en el noreste de los EU.

  48. Robert G. says

    Erica, tu website es bacano! Me hace recordar de la patria de mis padres y un pais que adoro. Gracias.

  49. says

    Hi Erica,

    I love your blog! A friend of mine sent me the link and OMG!! I am thrilled to be able to find authentic and delicious Colombian recipes online :) My husband is Colombian (Bogotano) and grew up eating many of the dishes I see here. I’ve gotten some great recipes from his mom and dad (who’s from Girardot) but am always looking for more. We try to get down to visit Colombia every other year and it’s always a treat. We’ve got two (young, 3 and 5) daughters that we’ve taken down to Colombia so they can learn more about their heritage. Keep up the great work! And thanks :)


  50. Evelyn says

    Hola Erika. I wanted to know if you have a good recipe for the torta negra. I wanted to make it for my dad’s birthday but I haven’t found one that says WOW. Can you help me?

    Thank You.

  51. Elann says

    Hola Erica, I have a BIG problem with your blog…. .there are too many delicious things I want to make right NOW!! I spent two years teaching in Medellín and am missing the food up on Las Palmas. Your aji recipe is mighty fine, as is the hogao. Tomorrow, I am going to make your frijoles (con carne en polvo) y patacones. Now if I could just find the ingredients to make empanadas and ajiaco….

    Mil, mil gracias!! Me gusta mucho esta tesoro de recetes!

  52. Maggie says


    Thank God you thought of this site. I was once married to a Colombiano and learned how to some Colombian meals. I continue to adore the food and recently visited Cartagena for a wedding in 2009 and my God, I had the best grilled red snapper i had ever had in my life!!! Thank you so much for posting your recipes in English as the cookbooks that i have are in Spanish directly from Colombia and some items i cant figure out. Thanks again.

  53. Hannah says

    Hola Erica – I have searched and searched for true Colombian recipes and have *finally* found your website! I adopted my daughter from Colombia when she was 9 -a girl certainly old enough to know what she loves! She misses empanadas (pork) dearly (as well as many other foods) and will be thrilled to know I’ve finally found a receipe for them! Finally, my new favorite website, my daughter will be so happy! Thank you for taking the time to share all your recipes, I am so appreciative!

  54. Ana says

    Hola Erica

    Estoy encantada con tu blog…Llevo en Francia 5 años y aunque cocinaba mucho en Colombia, entre tanta variedad y tan poco tiempo, dejé de hacerlo.

    Aunque se me olvido el ingles, tus recetas me han dado unas ganas locas de recomenzar…..mañana el postre es Maria Luisa!!!
    Pd: Los restaurantes colombianos de Paris, acaban de perder dos buenos clientes

    Un abrazo

  55. Veronica says

    Hey Erica,
    I was born in Colombia but raised here in the United States. where do you live ? do you know of anywhere they teach how to cook better.

  56. Gabe says

    Hi Erica,

    This is a very nice website. Colombian food looks and seems very tasty and delicous and quite healthy.

  57. Marcela says

    Hi Erica,
    What a great blog. I´m also from Medellin but now I´m living in Australia. I never have cooked before in my life and I have found this blog very helpful (even for someone who has never been and expert in the kitchen )
    Thank you very much.
    By the way…… I haven´t seen the SOPA DE TORTILLA here, coudl you give me any advice for this recipe.

  58. Andrea says


    Thank you so much for having such a great website filled with the many manjares from our country! I’ve been living in the U.S. for 10 years, since I was 15 years old, and now that I’m married I wish I knew how to cook Colombian food, as I never learned how. It’s amazing to find a site that gives people the chance to learn about Colombia, and I am most grateful to see that you have provided us with that small part of our culture.

    Thank you so much! And I’m looking forward for more recipes!

  59. lucia says

    Ciao Erica mi chiamo Lucia,il mio ragazzo è Colombiano (Medellin),
    è andato via dalla colombia che aveva 7 anni circa…ma nonostante ciò ah molti ricordi,in particolare di una pietanza,mi racconta spesso che quando era in Colmbia mangiava una specie di palla di riso avvolta da una foglia…i dettagli che mi racconta sono pochi e quindi mi viene difficile trovare la ricetta o qualcosa di simile…anche perche qui a milano non ci sono molti negozi etnici…mi farebbe davvero piacere poterglielo cucinare…in modo da risvegliargli qualche ricordo in piu…se mi riuscissi ad aiutuare tene sarei davvero grata!!
    Comunque complimenti per il blog è fatto davvero bene ed è molto bello!!!
    grazie ciao lucia!!!

  60. ELizabeth says

    hola Erica,
    love all the recipes you have posted online have you ever thought about publishing a cook book unless you already have one and i dont know about it.

  61. Ben Bustillo says

    Hola Erica,

    Tu blog está super chévere… Aquí te mando una receta de la Costa, que se hace diferente en Cartagena a la que se hace an Barranquilla; pero te la doy, como lo cocino yo.

    Se llama “Mote de ñame con queso”

    Me imagino que conoces el ñame. Es una raíz como la yuca, o la papa, que se cultiva mucho en la Costa. En los mercados latinos de California se encuentra congelado.

    Cocinas el ñame (lo hierves) con sal a tu gusto hasta que se comience a disolver, pero no lo dejes que se disuelva todo, déjalo “chunkie” y le añades queso “cotija” (así se llama el Mejicano – es más duro). Y listo, ya está… Pero, haces salsa de hogaito (tomate, cebolla, ajo, cilantro, poquita sal, cebollín)

    Se sirve caliente, échale hogaito a tu gusto.

    Lo puedes acompañar con arroz blanco, trocitos de pechuga de pollo frito con aceite de oliva y pimienta, y ensalada de remolacha con zanahoria y cebolla en trocitos con vinagre blanco y aceite de oliva.

    Espero te guste…

  62. Pao says


    I am so excited about your site! I have been dying to find a place for Colombian recipes and your blog is just what I was looking for. I cannot wait to start cooking! I am also from Colombia and married to a guy from the US who absolutely LOVES Colombian food, but to add insult to injury, I am a terrible cook, so he is going to be ecstatic when I tell him about this! I also cannot wait to share these great recipes with my friends from here. They are always so curious about Colombian food and so far I have not been doing a very good job “representing”, but you do such a great job at describing the recipes in a way that makes them very easy to follow, that I think I may just be able to impress them all. :)
    Thank you, thank you! :)

  63. Andrea says

    Your site is amazing. I was born in Colombia and I live in the USA now, your recipes are so good and my family loves every dish I made from this site. Thank you for the hard work.

  64. Diego says

    Hi Erica!!!….Also I am from Colombia, but I am living in UK at the moment…..Your website is fantastic. It is a terrific idea share Colombian recipes in English, so everybody can cook our traditional dishes!!!. I will show your website to my foreign friends.


  65. Danielle says

    hi Erica
    I was just sittin here showing mi suegro your website and he loves it even though he cannot read a word of English. He is from Medellin and H
    he wanted me to ask you if you have a website that is in espanol. He loves to cook and wants recipes in spanish. If you don’t have one in espanol do you have a good one to recommend. thanks and I will wait for a response and tell my father in law

    • Erica says

      Danielle- Thank you! I don’t have a website in Spanish, but I would love to translate all my recipes soon :)

  66. Danielle says

    ok thanks Erica I will let the suegro know. but do you know of any website where he can maybe look up colombian dishes in spanish?? thanks again.

  67. Danielle says

    Thanks a lot Erica you are so great. By the way whenever I click on the Breads and Cakes tab under the Recipe tab the recipes that come up are all the recipes from the Salad tab. and at the bottom it said comments are now closed. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I really want some bread and cake recipes and i don’t know where else on your site to look

  68. Danielle says

    no problem Erica I was wondering if it was just me not clicking on the correct tab –i am a better baker than cook although i cook well also so i really want some colombian cake ideas to surprise my husband with –since when i told him about this site he was excited but said that he doubts i will really ever cook something for him. so i am going to prove him wrong big time. :)
    thanks again

  69. Erica says

    Thank you for telling me about it when you like a recipe. It’s truly gratifying to hear that people are enjoying these recipes at home, in their kitchens, with their families, all around the country and all over the world. So thank you.

  70. Angela says


    I love your site!! I am also Colombian married to an American and have three girls. My father brought me and my siblings to America in 1980 and I’ve lived in the states ever since… in Jonesboro, GA now with my husband and girls. Anyways, love your recipes!! Right now I’m cooking “Sudado de Pollo” and it just smells delicious!!! tomorrow I’ll try another one. I am so excited to try all these recipes!! My mom is a fabulous cook and I only learned when I got married. Your photos and recipes are easy to follow … they make my mouth water!!!
    Do you know how to make “mantecada”? My sister used to make it in Colombia and I remember it from when I was 7 … I am now 41! it is so delicious and I’m dying to make it. Please let me know if you can get the recipe. Thank you so much for your time to post all of these; I am so fortunate to have found your site.
    Best wishes, Angela

  71. Danielle says

    So I am making arroz con leche right now for my husband for father’s day and he just came in and could tell what i was cooking just by the smell through out the house. he got so excited and said this was a great father’s day present for him since he hasn’t had this since his mom went back to Colombia from her visit here over 9 months ago. it takes a lot to make him happy so thanks again for your awesome website. this is going to help my marriage big time. :)

  72. Amy says


    I found your site and was hoping that you might be able to help me with a recipe. I am trying to surprise a friend with a Torta Negra. I have found several recipes online but need more details as I have never even eaten it before. I am an avid baker and learn quickly but need a trusted recipe from someone who has made it with success. Also, if you can supply it, please give as much detail as possible about the ingredients and the soaking/preparation of the cake after it is baked (specifically how often to add the alocohol, how much, and for how long…how many days?). Thanks so much for your time and I will definitely be making some of your great recipes for my Colombian friends!! Best Regards, Amy

  73. Vanessa says

    Hola Erica, yo soy de Bucaramanga y estoy aqui en usa hace ya 2 años, que dias estaba super antojada de milhojas de arequipe, que buscando la receta encontre su blog, muy bueno, mil felicitaciones, esta noche voy a preparar almojabanas, espero me queden super deli. Gracias por las recetas.

  74. Viv says

    Hola Erika,

    Yo tambien soy Colombiana y vivo aqui en los Estados Unidos. My husband is Jewish and loves, loves our culture and traditions :) This is why your site has been such a great gift for me! I came to the states when I was 13 years old, so only until now, that I am married, I began to experiment with Colombian dishes. Thanks again y cuidate :)

  75. Melany says

    Hi Erika,

    Im just blown away by your website, you have done a fantstic job.

    Im Australian and live in Sydney, my beautiful parents are from Medellin. I love everything Colombia and do my best to keep the Colombian culture alive in my own family. My husband is Australian and just loves Colombian food. My mother is a fantastic cook and has shown me how to make arepas and some other Colombian dishes. Her birthday is coming up and I plan to prepare a Colombian feast. I will be using some of the recipes from your website.

    Thankyou for putting so much love and passion into the website and sharing some of the beauties Colombia has to offer.

    May God bless you and your family.


  76. Claudia says

    Thanks you so much for the recipes….
    I too am Colombian living in northeast in Boston and though i can go home and have mom teach me but without measurements I am lost!

    Thanks again and Feliz 20 de Julio!!!! Hope you got out to one of the festivals to celebrate our independence!

  77. Juan Carlos says

    I’m Stationed away from all of my family and now I can cook all of my favorite foods my mom used to make, Thank you so much!!! You made my year!!!

  78. Kristy says

    hi Erica, thank you for your site – I stumbled upon it and am glad that I did. I taught at the Colombus School in Medellin for a couple of years and had a wonderful time. I get terribly homesick for Medellin and the Colombian culture and the food….oh the food! sigh. I especially miss a meat and potato pastry we used to buy off the stree – it was round and absolutely delicious – the best I ever had was in the down-town airport though. LOL. Can’t remember what it was called. Do you have any ideas? I miss all the wonderful restaurants there, boy does Medellin ever have great restaurants. Now I am going to try some of your wonderful recipes. I promise myself that my retirement (which seems sooo far away) will include Colombia. I consider it my second home.

    Thank you for your blog. But I am going to spend the day terribly homesick!

  79. Ruthie says

    Hey chica! lI grew up in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the US when I was 18, I’m having my sisters and some friends over this weekend for an asado and was looking for some recipes, LOVE your Blog!

  80. Alicia says

    Hey Erica,
    I just got back from a missions trip to Medellin Colombia. I fell in love with it, the city, the people, and the food!!! I came back to Pennsylvania with a family in Medellin and I would like to go back on long term basis. As weird as it may sound I feel so homesick for Colombia. Thank you so much for you recipes, I was getting excited seeing how to make all the food we ate there. I have been wanting to introduce the Colombian culture to my friends and family in the states so thank you for making is possible!!! May God Bless you as you have blessed us!!!

  81. says

    Hello Erica. I recently received a comment on my foodie blog from a woman who said she had looked up, “Pollo Sudado,” and my blog came up. I don’t know why, but that made me decide to google pollo sudado myself and I found you!

    I have been looking for some Colombian recipes, but I never found a blog that met my needs with that. Your blog is great! Congrats on having such an amazing mamita! Thanks for the amazing recipes. I can’t wait to try them out. = )

    If you would like to visit my blogs, I have two of them.

    ScrumptiousDelectables (foodie blog)

    AdrianasChicDesign (Interior Design blog)


  82. Martin Melgar says

    Wow, Erica te felicito, recien conosco tu pagina y estoy impresionado con las deliciosas y faciles recetas que nos regalas, Yo vivo en Florida, peruano de nacimiento y corazon , soy manager general de un restaurant de una de una cadena de restaurantes, nueva y de mas crecimiento en los estados unidos con un promedio de 1200 restaurantes en USA, Canada e Inglaterra. Yo estoy interesado en aparturar un nuevo concepto en comida rapida la cual quiero ofrecer comida saludable fresca y con un sabor y toque gourmet. Suena un poco jalado de los pelos pero para esto estoy estudiando los distintos tipos de comidas, americanas sub amerianas, orientales y occidentales (mediterraneas). te digo todo esto porque me gustaria contactar contigo y intercambiar algunos puntos de vista, se por tu pagina web que la cocina te apaciona igual que a mi, no soy chef profesional pero tambien soy licenciado en administracion hotelera, estudie en la universidad Simos Bolivar de caracas Venezuela. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leer mi nota y realmente espero poder contactarme contigo.

    • Erica says

      Martin- Muchas gracias por tu comentario!!!! Si quieres me escribes un e-mail en mi pagina de contacto y asi nos comunicamos. Tu proyecto suena muy interesante.

  83. Jose says


    Thanks so much for pulling a site like this together. I came across your site this morning while looking for a pan de yuca recipe and truly feel like I hit the lottery!

    I was born in the states and grew up here (Chicago) but my parents immigrated from Colombia in 1964 (they are from Barranquilla (Mom) and Plato (Pop)). My mom was a really good cook and I am fortunate to have grown up eating so many of these great dishes; much like your Mamita, nothing came from a recipe, just from her knowledge and her heart. Now, she only cooks like that occasionally (to treat the grandkids!).

    I do most of the cooking at home and every now and then will make a Colombian dish. It’s always a hit, this food is so good. My kids choose the meal when their birthdays come up and it always comes down to a fritanga (arepas con huevo, empanadas, yuca frita, etc); that puts a smile on my face and theirs.

    I haven’t gone through your site completely, but what I’ve seen so far looks so incredibly good and I’ll definitely be making some of these dishes.

    Again, thank you so much for all your work.


    FYI, your grandmother’s recipe for the pan de yuca was on the money; I had one fresh out of the oven and can’t wait for my kids to get home to try them.

  84. Anonymous says

    hola erica mi nombre es german ceron soy chef de cocina estudie en el sena en 1995 si soy de tu ayuda en algo que yo pueda estare dichoso de ayudarte…………y QUE VIVA CALI CHIPICHAPE Y YUMBO,,,,….CALI ES CALI LO DEMAS ES LOMA…..QUE VIVA COLOMBIA TIERRA HERMOSA

  85. Ricky Ricardo says

    Hi Erica!

    Could you please give me a recipe for the traditional Colombian wedding cake.
    I believe that it is soaked in wine before it is frosted.

    Thank you very much for your help,

  86. Catalina says

    Hola Erica,

    Me gusta mucho tu website, las recetas estan muy bien escritas.

    Quisiera saber si tienes la receta del ponque de novias (la torta oscura de uvas para los matrimonios). Me encanta ese ponque y donde vivo no he conseguido nada parecido.


    • Erica says

      Catalina- Yo no tengo la receta de torta negra. Mi mama sabe hacerla, pero no sigue la receta asi que tengo que esperar a que ella la haga y me diga las medidas.

  87. D says

    Erica que alegria haber encontrado tu blog , las recetas estan espectaculares y todo lo haces ver tan facil , me has animado a cocinar muchisimo de verdad q estando tan lejos de nuestra tierra es delicioso recordar nuestra infancia por medio de los sabores inolvidables de nuestra comida ..solo te puedo decir GRACIAS !!!!!!!!! :)

  88. Sandra C says

    Erica !!!!!!!!!!! What a delicious site!! LOve the Colombian Foodddddddd!! I LOVE IT
    soy de Bogota mi esposo lindo tambien es americano y llevo 5 años aqui, extrano la comida aunque siempre me traigo artas cositas cada q viajamos, pero la sazon en las sopas y otros platos no lo he logrado conseguir, me tope con tu Blog esta ESPECTACULAR!! Congratulations!!! a ver si cocino mas platos para mis munequitas y esposo en navidad!!

  89. Colombiana At Heart says

    I am in love with your blog!!! Everytime I go to Colombia I eat alllllll day long, I can’t get enough. And when I come home to the States I wish I could have brought my favorite dishes with me. It never occured to me that I could actually try to make them at home until I came across your blog. While the produce here in the States does not have the same flavor as in Colombia, the recipes I’ve made have been very simliar to the real thing. Sooo thank you very much for doing this blog! Now, waiting for my next holidays to Colombia won’t be so torterous 😀

    P.S. I love chocolate San Jeronimo ice cream! Do you have any recipes that are similar to that? If so I would absolutly be greatful forveer :) jjaja Oh how I miss my Colombian food!

  90. Gilda Pena says

    Hi Erica,
    I am beyond thrilled having come across your site. I am so grateful for all of your recipes which are so scrumptious. Thank you for taking the time to post them and allow so many to discover and enjoy the delectables this gorgeous country has to offer. I wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and love. I also wish you a Happy New Year filled with blessing from above… And a blog with more exciting recipes. :-)
    Gratefully Yours,

  91. Gilda says

    Hi Erica
    I tried out the tamale recipe and my husband and kids loved them. I managed to serve a typical Cena de Noche buena on the 24th with your help. Thanks. Gilda

  92. Paula says

    A friend just shared one of your recipes with me. It was the arroz con pollo. I went to your website to find it and now will definitely try many more of your recipes. Everything looks and sounds so yummy.

  93. Pilar says

    Hola Erica,

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y estoy fascinada- Haz hecho un trabajo excelente y muy inspirador. Yo tambien llegue a este pais hace 10 años y estoy casada con un americano que adora la comida colombiana, asi que no veo la hora de poner en practica tus recetas que se ven deliciosas.. hoy empiezo con el pollo sudado!

    Feliz año y como dicen aca: keep up the good work!


  94. says

    Hola Erica! I too am Colombian, but US born and raised. My mother however never taught me to cook! Actually, I suspect she herself doesn’t know how to cook authentic Colombian food either. She grew up in a house with a muchacha at all times, needless to say she seldom lifted a finger. Anyway, I am now married to a white boy, just like you :-) and I was searching the internet for a good empanada recipe. You see, mi tia makes them but whenever I ask for the recipe, she just mouthes it..”a little of this a lot of that”..NO MEASUREMENTS..she’s a real cook. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog! I can’t wait to try these recipes for my family.

    Buen Provecho y que VIVA COLOMBIA!

  95. Michele says

    Mucho Gracias! I am the white girl who married the colombian. :)
    My husband of 10 years was raised in Colombia & he shares stories about his favorites dishes. I was happy to see they are all on the front page! With the growth in cooking (overall culture) we now are able to find yucca, plantains & other items in Ohio that were hard to come by when we first met. Thank you for sharing & thanks to your mamita! My husband & I will both be trying your recipes together.

  96. Mauricio says

    Hola Erica

    Soy un colombianito tambien….vivo en USA D.C hace unos 5 anio. Soy P trainer y como tal me encanta la cocina tambie….Entre en tu blog en diciembre y me encanto todos esos deliciosos platos que es dificil ver aca!. vi un arroz atollado en tu blog, pero ahora no lo veo mas…. me encantaria prepararlo para mi esposa, sera posible tener la receta de nuevo?
    Mil Gracias

  97. Laura says

    I absolutely love your blog & follow it daily. Your recipes are great! I’ve tried a few and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed them. Keep them coming!

  98. says

    !Quihubo! Wow, I’m so glad I stumbled across this website and your twitter page. I am American but my dad is Colombian and my husband is Colombian too. We are newlyweds living here in Bogotá. I am just dying looking at these pics. You’ve covered a great deal of Colombian food I must say. I do a lot of the American stuff while Rafa does the Colombian dishes. He’s an amazing cook. We’re just starting off with our baby blog and have only gotten to publish the arepuelas that we made. But we’re so thrilled to let the world know about the great food that is here in Colombia. Your blog is so inspiring. Funny you mention grandmothers because I was just going to start visiting mine here in Bogotá so she can teach me all her tricks; if she lets me. She’s actually Mexican but has lived most of her life here in Bogotá so I get the best of both worlds. Happy cooking!- Chaito

  99. Gregorio says


    Erica my wife is Colombian she is from Bogota and for the past 9 years I have had the pleasure of tasting alot of these wonderful dishes, that I can only say are Delicioso. I just had the Bandeja Paisa on saturday, I would like to suprise her by cooking some of these dishes for her. My wife is currently visiting her mother in Bogota, she also has family (cousins) in the northeast. I look forward to cooking your receipes for her. Thank you a keep up the great work…..


  100. Elizabeth Amparan says

    Hello Erica,

    I am emailing you from Belgium to tell you that I really enjoy your website and have tried some of your recipes. I, like your husband, am also vegetarian and I am always looking for new tastes around the world. I come originally from California but moved to Belgium because my wonderful husband is from here. I can relate to your learning a new language because I have had to learn Dutch as well to feel more independent in my new country. Well, enough said :) So, if you ever come across vegetarian recipes, a big thumbs up to your great effort and ongoing success with your new website.

    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth V.

  101. Jennifer Baker says

    I am frequently asked to try to see if I cam make different things for people. Someone asked me if I could make a traditional Colombian wedding cake for them. I have seen a few descriptions from different websites but not enough for me to try to replicate the cake. Can you give me an idea of what is in this cake or better yet, do you have a recipe?

  102. Lucia says

    You are very inspiring and totally awesome! :)
    I cannot THANK YOU enough for taking the time to share all your great recipes!

  103. Kate F. says

    I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia as a baby. I recently learned that I have a passion for cooking. I want to feel more connected to my culture and I think learning how to cook Colombian food is a start! I am going to try your empanadas recipe this weekend:)

  104. Kristen says

    Hi Erica,

    I am so happy to have just found your site! I am in the reverse situation as you … I am an American woman who married a Colombian man (de Medellin tambien) and I want to be able to cook some of his traditional dishes. I actually put together a sudado de pollo this morning for dinner! I have learned a lot of cooking tips from his mother, but as you probably know, it’s not in her nature to write anything down or measure! She just cooks by throwing in this and that, and it turns out great … But that doesn’t help me learn … so I am happy I can supplement with your site.


  105. Lina says

    I’m so thrilled to have found your site! When I came back to the states from Colombia I was so sad thinking I would be forced to learn how to live without my Sunday morning calentao ritual- but now I am able to make it for all my friends and family I’m having so much fun trying your recipes! You make it so fun and easy to make the best food! Keep up the good work!

  106. Shelly says

    Hola! I just came back from 12 wonderful days in Colombia; from Bogota to Anapoima and back again. Such fresh food and wonderful flavors – I wish some of those unique fruits could be shipped to the US, but they are too fragile. I miss the arepas served every day with the fresh cheese. I am going to try and make my own arepas!

  107. Ann says

    Thank you for this website! I’ve been looking for recipes from Medellin where my son is from. He and I were “just” talking about finding recipes for a traditional Medellin breakfast which he misses. He loves leftover rice and beans for breakfast with avocado and now the frijoles paisas recipe will be great to make for dinner and have left for breakfast. I can’t wait to make this for him! I think it’ll be healthier for our whole family as well. Thank you for this!

  108. Olga says

    Hola! I am also colombian, living in the States since 2000. I am a Spanish teacher and this site has helped me a lot. I want to thank you for the effort you put and time to write about colombian food.

    Thanks a lot :)

  109. Sarah says

    I am very happy to have found your blog! My boyfriend is from Medellin and has been here in the USA for three years. We went to Colombia last year but unfortunately, there was not enough time for me to learn the recipes for his favorite dishes from his mama. Now I can attempt Bandeja Paisa as a surprise for his birthday. Thank you so much!

  110. Paula says

    Erica, you have a wonderful blog and I’m enjoying looking around. Your recipes are inspirational, keep them coming!

  111. Gerardo says

    I found your blog and I am so happy! It is the best site about Colombian recipes in English. You should write a cookbook. Thank you for all the hard work.

  112. Shawna says

    Your website is fabulous. I just stumbled upon it and have tried a lot of the recipes. I was born in Colombia but adopted and grew up in the US so I do not have much of a connection to my heritage. My husband and I just adopted our daugher from Colombia so with the help of your website we are bringing Colombia into our home.

  113. Kie says


    I am getting married in November and my fiance is half Black and half Colombian. He would like to incorporate some Colombian traditions into our wedding. I have searched hi and low and found only three. 1. Candle ceremony 2. coin ceremony 3. serenade ceremony. Are there other ceremonies, if so what are they or where can I find information about them?

    Thank you for your help,


  114. says

    Hola Erica,

    Aqui otra de Medellin! Ahora vivo en Europe, despues de pasar mi niñez en los EU. Gracias por estas recetas! La mamita mia tambien cocinaba muy rico. :)

    Saludos desde Holanda!

  115. Ana says

    Hola Erika!!!!!
    Me encanta tu pagina, tiene unas recetas espectaculares. Soy una costena de padres Santandereanos que no le gustaba la cocina cuando vivia en Colombia. Ahora me encanta ver los programas, revistas y todo lo que sea de comidas. Extrano mucho la comida nuestra y por eso trato de preparar con las recetas que encuentro.
    Porfis si puedes publicar recetas como deditos de queso, diferentes tipos de bollos (ya vi la receta que publicaste de los bollos de yuca), sopa de guandules. higadete, arroz de coco, torta negra (la de los matrimonios), arepas fritas de anis, de huevo, recetas para las fiestas que ya se estan acercando, en fin estare al pendiente, muchas gracias por esta pagina. :)

    • Erica says

      Ana- Muchas de las recetas que me pides ya estan en el blog….solo tienes que mirara en la lista de recetas. Las demas estoy tabajando en ellas. Gracias por tu lindo comentario y me alegra que te guste la pagina.

  116. Lucia says

    Your site is amazing. I love all your Colombian recipes and the International recipes. I made some and they were really good.

  117. Dougy EL Paisa says

    I was not born in Colombia, pero tengo un corazon MUY antioqueno!!! I was married to a paisa from Medellin. I have visited Medellin 5 times and I truly miss her. I have not been there in 3 years. But I try to be as paisa as I can be. I love to eat Colombian food , and I try to buy products that are from Colombia,( especially Aguardiente Antioqueno :-) . Since I can not be there, I try to buy Colombian products so I can help the Colombian people as much as possible.

    I love your website and can not wait to try some of the recipes!!

  118. Sandra says

    Erica –

    Thank you so much for making these recipes public. My mother was born in Bogota and has raised me with much of the food you have given recipes for. Much like your grandmother, my mom would make any meals with whatever ingredients we had in the pantry. Calentado was always my favorite!!! Gracias por las recetas!

    xo Sandra

  119. says

    Hola Erica,
    Te felicito por esta pagina, muy util. Hice un simple google para encontrar alguna variedad a la idea del arroz con coco que yo tenia y aparecio tu pagina. Te felicito! esta muy chever, bien organizada y util.
    Tengo un programa de Radio, que se llama Latitud, todos los Lunes a las 12 del dia (hora Pacific West) en una radio comunitaria kyrs.org. Te gustaria que te entrevistara? puedes compartir tu historia y algunas recetas.
    Si esto te suena escribeme Latitude(at)kyrs(dot)org
    ps: Soy Colombiana, de Popayan.

  120. Michelle says

    Erika, tengo que preguntar…….eres de las familiar: Ruiz, Restrepo o Fernandes? Las recetas que tu pones son las mismas de mi familia!

  121. Olga says

    ahh erica, creo que iciste a mi esposo el hombre mas feliz del mundo con tu receta de las empanadas y el aji.
    el las ama y aca en donde yo vivo (newcastle, uk) no se encuentra nada de nada.
    nunca se casen con un ingles, por que despues que van a colombia no quieren comer nada mas.

  122. says

    Hi Erica,
    I’m a personal chef in Illinois, currently on sabbatical, but while conducting research for a culinary book I’m writing I came across your web site. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and came to the United States at age seven. Since I came at such a young age I never got to learn traditional Colombian recipes. I’m hoping that now that I found your web site I’ll get to experience wonderful Colombian culinary delights once again.

  123. Ivonne says

    Hi Erica, thanks for sharing these amazing recipes.I live in Adelaide-Australia and I made ‘brazo de reina” for my workmates and they loved it!! I felt so proud that I could make it myself!! Keep up the good work!!

  124. Scott Hanshaw says

    Hi Erica
    I just wanted to say thank you, i loved your story about your grandma
    Mamita wow that is so great you kept the family tradition on. I am just a normal American guy who loves to try new recipes, especially from Columbia and South America. I want to thank you for your recipes and if you have any other recipes i should try i would love to know. I also know how to cook great Texas Brisket, Beef Ribs and have a few great sauces for our Bar B Q here in Austin Texas.
    Hook Em Horns
    Scott Hanshaw

  125. Andrea Jones says

    Erica, muchas gracias por publicar todas estas recetas tan deliciosas. Yo también soy Colombiana y vivo en EU. Esta noche mis amigas y yo cocinaremos algunas de tus recetas!!!! Estamos emocionadas! :) Gracias!!!

  126. Howard E says

    Hola Erica,
    Acabo de descubrir su sitio! Wonderful. I was a Peace Corp Volunteer in Medellín in the 1960s. Lived there almost two years. I was back in 2008 and my wife and I were in Medellín in 2010, 2012 and this past winter. Medellin me encanta. I am going to try your fried fish recipe tonite with red snapper. We love the fried fish in Colombia! Ooops…no patacones ni arroz in the house! Big sigh. Okay tenemos aguacate y tomate! I look forward to trying other recipes…sancocho next?

  127. Shari says

    I first came across your site about 2 years ago and I felt an immense sense of pride swell up inside me. Similar to when I see so many people enjoy Zumba, thanks in part to a Colombian, or seeing Shakira perform at the World Cup for the third time.
    Seeing the foods I grew up eating right there on the internet, with the recipe was just amazing. (I’m not Colombian born, but my parents are.) I was wondering if you’ve considered tagging your posts if they’re gluten free?

    Muchisimas gracias por todas las recetas. Se ven super deli y muy pronto tratare una o dus de sus recetas!

  128. Laura Peraza says

    Thank you for sharing your recipes! The all look so wonderfully yummy! We’re going to try your Albondigas Estofadas tonight!

    I am Salvadorena living in California, and I love to try new dishes. Especially from other Central or South American countries. I will be a regular visitor to your site.

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