Fellow Bloggers, You Could Receive a Gift!

I want to share a cool, almost to good to be true story with you of something that happened to me last week. I received an e-mail the other day, after leaving a comment on one of my favorite food blogs A southern Grace, stating that I was chosen by the “Appliances Online Fairy Hobmother” to receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. For those who have never heard of the Fairy Hobmother, I understand that he represents Appliances Online and visits blogs, offering gifts to selected people. So, thank you Fairy Hobmother for my wonderful and timely gift!

If you’re a blogger and you too want a chance of receiving a gift from the Appliances Online Fairy Hobmother, according to the Fairy Hobmother, all you have to do is make a wish on this blog post, and who knows, he may choose you next. Please understand, there is no guarantee that anyone commenting on this post will receive a gift from him, but it’s worth a shot :-) Good luck!

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  1. says

    What a lovely surprise, congratulations Erica!

    I may have to leave an ice cube tray under my pillow tonight in hopes the Fairy Hobmother will come exchange it for a chest freezer at my house. We live in a small second story apartment. The freezer in our fridge is too small to keep much in it. I often dream of being able to buy in bulk – not to mention cook in bulk – and freeze the excess. The $ saved would make a big impact on my small budget.

  2. helen says

    I would love to win the gift card.. Just got married so i could use any help :) .. Erica, absolutely love your blog! my husband is colombian so I always surprise him with special colombian dishes from your site! You should wirte a book full of receipes!

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