My Colombian Recipes has Redecorated!

My Colombian Recipes Logo

For quite a while I’ve been wanting a new logo and to change the colors of my website.

I can hardly contain my excitement! After weeks of designing and playing with colors, I am very excited today to introduce you to the new!

I love the new logo and colors, and I hope you all like the new look as much as I do! Stay tuned for improved site navigation as well.

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  1. Jairo says

    I really liked the other better, I was more color, just like Colombia, and that is because it had green and coffee beans, with out letters it said: COLOMBIA, I don’t know, maybe I’m to much of a Colombian person, but if you like it and feel good about it, good for you

  2. Alba says

    i do think is very pretty……there is something about the coffee beans in the original one though…….como extranamos a Colombia!!!!!

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