Queso con Melado ( Cheese with Colombian-Style Syrup)

Queso con Melado

I know what are you thinking, that is not a recipe, it is a couple of ingredients on a plate. You are right, but the combination of these two foods is wonderful. I can’t find a non-pasteurized cheese in the US that we eat in Colombia, so I made it with mozzarella cheese instead. You can also use queso fresco or queso blanco. This dessert is simple, but it is fantastic!

Buen provecho!


Mozzarella cheese or queso fresco, sliced


Place the cheese on a serving plate and drizzle with melado.

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  1. Maria Clara Kohn says

    Thanks for all of your recipes and pictures. They take me to Colombia, inspiring me for cooking. I like the way you “translate” ingredients given our few chances to get the Colombian ones. I live in Michigan and share your posts with my Colombian friends.
    Gracias de nuevo y Felíz Fín de Semana!

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