Arepa con Carne Desmechada (Arepa with Shredded Meat)

Arepa con Carne Desmechada

If you are a regular reader you know that my little sister is visiting from Colombia and we are having a lot of fun together. We laugh, talk and eat all day! It is great having a little sister around, don’t you think? I love my brother and sister very much and I wish I could spend more quality time with them. The hardest thing about living away from my country is not being able to see my family as often as I would like.

Anyway, let’s talk about arepas, shall we? This week I made this arepa recipe for lunch and we both loved it! Just think about a corn cake topped with your favorite ingredients. To me, there is nothing better than arepa :)

In this arepa I used shredded meat (carne desmechada), avocado and sweet plantain for the topping. Simple, but absolutely delicious.

Buen Provecho!



(4 servings)


In a medium skillet, melt the butter and add the diced plantains. Brown the plantains for about 3 minutes and set aside.

Place an arepa on a serving plate, top with the carne desmechada and add avocado and plantain.

Sprinkle fresh cilantro and serve.

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  1. says

    Oh, the topping sounds marvelous, especially with avocado and plantain! I miss my family a lot, too, so thank goodness we can keep in touch via e-mail and phone calls. We’re hoping to visit them in CA this summer – I wonder if my sisters will make me some of my favorite meals, as you’ve done for yours? 😎

  2. says

    This is one one of my favorite foods…Arepas…give them to me plain or siegas as they call them..filled or topped of like this one. Great dish. My moth is watering……

  3. Sandra G says

    I know what you mean about sisters, I have four, but only one lives close to me everybody else is in Florida and I’m in Mass, but I digress how delicious this looks is like a Fiesta on a plate Yum!

  4. Fr@nciJoe says

    Arepa are sold on almost every corner here in Colombia. I love arepas with chicken and steak. I think I’m going to get one tonight for supper.,….

  5. Stephanie says

    I have made arepas twice now. I am just not confident that I cooking them long enough. Should they be soft and sort of creamy inside? I would love to prepare them in this way!!

  6. says

    Another fantastic recipe! I like having my sisters around too. I don’t get to see them too often either, they live north and I’m in the south. When we are together, good food and drinks always seem to be on the agenda! It makes for good memories too!

  7. says

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister! What a pretty dish! I bet the avocado pairs so nicely with the arepa and shredded meat!

  8. says

    Happy to found your blog through Sophie’s blog. I never made Columbian food before, so finding your blog giving me a chance to try the recipe.

  9. Sandy says

    I am obsessed with your site! thanks thanks thanks! cant wait to start cooking Colombian food to my soon to be gringo husband :) soy Colombiana and with zero to none experience in the kitchen, but your recipes are amazing and super easy to follow.

  10. Chris Caldwell says

    Erica, Thank you for your receipe of Colombian tamales. I came to the
    US when I was 13 and still remember those wonderful tamales, arepas
    empanadas and so many other delicious food.
    My mom had a friend that would make arepas with Masa Harina, she
    would use bacon grease and brown sugar, they were so good. Maybe
    not so healthy but delicious. Once a year wouldn’t be so bad……
    Thank you again for your receipe. Chris~

  11. Luz Adriana says

    I made last week carne mechada with ripe plantain for a potluck at office and everybody said that the taste of meat and plantain was soo good!

  12. Carlos says

    The meat orginally used for this recipe is overbelly, the meat is cooked in hot water flavored with a bouquet garni,until very tender, along side this, there has to be a colombian mojo or (hogao) oftenly made with juicy tomatoes and long tail onions, sliced and cooked with cumin and bay leaf, and salt, until slighltly being reduced, mixed with the shredded meat (carne desmechada), this meat is put inside an arepa (corn cakes) cut in half.

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