This is Medellín

Pueblito PaisaMedellín is the city in which I was born and raised. It is located in the Andean zone of the country and is the capital of the state of Antioquia. Medellin is one of Colombia’s most important and influential cities because of its beauty, population and economy.Medallo

The city is famous for its mountains, which surround the city and its year-round semi-tropical climate. The days are warm and the nights cool. The year-round spring weather is the reason Medellin is called “The city of the eternal spring” or La ciudad de la eternal primavera.Foto MedellinMedellin4

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  1. says

    Mountains are the first thing that i noticed. How beautiful. it is my dream to finally settle in a place which has mountains all around it.. but for now . I am living in the flattest of all places:-)

  2. says

    You live in a very gorgeous city! And all these food! It is now in my list of must-see places! Thanks for dropping by my blog! will follow this one.

  3. Kristy says

    oh sooooo homesick for this city of my heart…all of you who say you want to visit, you must. Medellin is wonderful, beautiful and the best city I’ve ever lived in – I loved it. The monthly san alejo market downtown is a blast, the restaurants are amazing – can’t tell you all the wonderful places we ate – we went to some of them so often that the waiters knew our drinks order and had them ready as soon as they saw us enter. It is a spectacular place and I wish more people would over-come all the negative stereotypes they see in the media and visit this wonderful place. I plan on retiring here. 14 more years in North America then back to Colombia.

  4. Andrew says

    Just got back a few weeks ago from Medellin. Had the usual Bandeja Paisa, Lulu, etc. Also managed to get some Mamoncillos and Guarapo (my favorite). We stayed in a nice hotel in Poblado. I love the place. We also went to one of the islands which was nice but very quiet.

    Medellin has changed from when I was there last. It is said you now can take the freeway to Santa Fe Antioquia in about 1 hr now. New roads, bridges, etc. A lot of construction work

  5. Abril says

    I have family there too where does your family live, mine own a Plantation of plantanos and bananas. Maybe you know them.

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