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SabajonSabajón (Colombian-Style Eggnog)

{Catching Up with Me November 2013}

Happy December, everyone!

Clearly, I’m running behind with my Catching Up with Me November 2013 post, but, better late than never!

The Holidays can be difficult for me since I am so far away from my family, my friends and many Colombian traditions that I miss.

Although December 7th is not a holiday in the United States, it is a big day in Colombia. It is the first day of Christmas for a lot of Colombians, also known as El Día de las Velitas (The Day of the Candles).

Today I want to share some of the Christmas and New Year’s traditions that I grew up with in Colombia. Like many people who left Colombia and have been in another country for a long time, I’ve lost touch with many of these wonderful traditions… Read more.

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    I have been so overwhelmed with so many things that I have not had the time to comment on posts of dear friends like you. I take this time to wish you and yours an very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This drink reminds me of our Coquito….

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