La Piedra del Peñol y La Reserva de Guatapé (The Peñol Rock and The Guatapé Reservoir)

This beautiful place is located in the department of Antioquia, about 90 minutes from the city of Medellin, my hometown.

The reservoir is one of the largest in South America. It is used to practice aquatic sports.

The rock is known as The Peñon of Guatapé or La Piedra del Peñol, it has 644 steps and the view from the top is absolutely amazing. At the base on the rock you will find restaurants and stores.

This is a popular tourist destination in Antioquia-Colombia.

The pictures are courtesy of my cousin Maribel, who lives in Italy with her husband. When they visit Colombia together, she takes pictures and shows him all the beauty of our country. Now he loves going there on vacation!

Thank you Mary :)

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  1. Nats says

    I love el peñol!! I went there as a girl many times, but was never brave enough to clime all the way up inside the rock.

  2. says

    you sure belong to a very very beautiful place. I dream to taking vacations whenever I see such pictures and if life permits I will have my dream come true some day.

  3. says

    What a beautiful place. Surely this is a very beautiful destination and thanks for sharing, as we can visit such places only in our dreams :)

  4. says

    This is such a treat! I know many Lebanese who have immigrated to Columbia and I never imagined such beauty! (did you know the singer Shakira is from Lebanese parents?)
    Thanks for showing this beauty of your homeland.

  5. Kristy says

    I just discovered your blog and love it…these pictures make me “homesick” as I lived in Medellin for 2 years and simply fell in love with the area…beautiful photos!

  6. carol says

    Hi Erica, I have been enjoying looking at your,your photos, recipes, reading about Colombia . I have seen some of these places. Someday I would love to go back.
    I grew up with an American mother with Italian decent and a Colombian father, who came to the US. when he was 30years old. So my mother would try to creat some of the dishes my father liked, Masamora (I never liked this), Sancocho, and Paella.
    My mother has since died and I would like to make some recipes that maybe my Colombian grandmother might have made. All of my fathers family still live in Colombia, however, they feel it would be too dangerous to visit them.
    I remember as a child and the last time, when I was in college, seeing Cali, Bogata and Medellin. Driving up into the mountains to see the finca house that my cousins had.
    One of my favorite memories is of my grandmothers Empanadas with aji.
    I have never tasted any as good as hers were. I am going to try to make your recipe of empanadas, maybe my children can enjoy something from a part of their Colombian heritage.
    Thank you for giving me some knowledge so that I may fulfill that dream.

  7. jenny says

    Don’t be afraid of going to Colombia is a beatiful place and people are very friendly, I was born in colombia and move to the us with my husband who is american we are planing a trip to Colombia and we are going to visit la piedra del penol, I can’t wait I am so homesick special during this time of the year. I also want my children to learn and love my culture.

  8. alejandro says

    hola Piasana.
    I was born in barranquilla and have only been in colombia twice first time 12 years ago and i just returned,and let me tell ya i have traveled all over and i have never since such beauty, if i had the chance to move to Colombia i would just go straight to Guatape , but of course i wouldn’t go from pereira to Medellin by land , the trip up to St Barbada and La pinta Very beautiful but you need a lot of nerves to go up and down the mountain.WHAT A TRIP

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