Mango is a tropical fruit that is sweet and juicy when ripe and an excellent source of vitamin A and C. In Colombia it is used in desserts, juice, salads, and sauces or just as a snack.
Unripe mangoes with salt and lime are popular street snacks that are sold by street vendors out of wood wagons all over the country. I have fond memories of buying mangos con sal y limón (mangos with salt and lime), served in plastic bags, from the street vendors after high school let out.

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    This king of fruits is my (actually all of ours ) fav..!! we would sit down in circles.. sisters cousins, take a mango each, peel them & eat till the seeds would be white from licking:-D I love the sour raw ones too.. with chilli powder & salt!

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    I really adore mangoes! I can buy them at our international market on Sundays at the South station in Brussels!! MMMMMM…..Mangoes!

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