Mazamorra Colombiana (Colombian Mazamorra)

Mazamorra con panela

Mazamorra is a traditional Colombian drink from the Andean zone of the country and very popular as a side dish to foods such as our wonderful bandeja paisa. It is typically accompanied with panela or guava paste.

What is Mazamorra? It is simply corn cooked until it is very soft.
Mazamorra is known as a drink, but to me it is more like a dessert and the “claro”, the cooking liquid from the mazamorra, is what my grandmother called “sobremesa”, or the drink after the meal.




(6-8 servings)

  • 1 can (29 oz) Hominy (maiz peto), drained and rinsed
  • 6 cups of water
  • 5 cups of milk
  • Panela or guava paste for serving

Maiz Pelao


  1. In a large pot place the hominy and add the water. Cook for about 40 minutes over medium heat.
  2. Add the milk and serve warm or cold with panela on the side.
  3. Mazamorra

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  1. says

    I love learning about the drinks of other cultures. I was going to ask if it was hominy and then I see in the recipe that it is. I really enjoy hominy and it isn’t used nearly enough around here. I actually had no idea you could get it dried until we lived in Brazil. Corn and hominy were used a lot where we lived, but I didn’t have anything quite like this.

  2. CARMEN says

    no me queda muy claro como se hace , se tritura lo de dentro del bote o como?no entiendo si me puede explicar gracias

    • Erica says

      Hola Carmen- Solo sacas el maiz del tarro lo pones en agua a cocinar por 40 minutos en fuego lento. Y ya se sirve con la leche. Es super facil. Este maiz ya esta cocinado entonces no tiene que cocinar por mucho tiempo. En Colombia lo hacen con maiz sin cocinar y se demora mas.

  3. says

    Incredible! I have never heard of this dish, but it reminds me very much of some of the sweet bean drinks/liquids that I have tried in different parts of Asia. What amazes me is how many similar foods and drinks there are around the world! Even on opposite ends of the world! Thanks so much for sharing….

  4. says

    I have heard about this before, but this is the first time I see it. Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing this traditional recipe.

  5. says

    I’ve never heard of this before…it’s so interesting! I’d love to drink a cold glass of it today, since it’s so hot outside!

  6. says

    wow..whta bful color..white and lovely drink…
    thanks for ur commnets on my page…

    first time here…u have a lovely space…just started blogging..and love to add u in my list..
    ur comments/suggestions r highly appreciated..happy blogging…following u>>>>>>


  7. Sandra G. says

    Erica thank you for this recipe, I have a can of hominy that I did not know what to do with, now I found the perfect thing for it!

  8. Greg Yohn says


    I thought it has pineapple in it also! Well, it has it in Cali, if my memory is correct!

  9. Greg Yohn says


    I thought it has pineapple in it also! Well, it has it in Cali, if my memory is correct!

    My wife added …
    mazamorra, lulo, piña, clavo dulce, canela, it is masato

  10. says

    this looks almost like a kind of rice pudding or bubble tea! Which means that I would absolutely love it. I’m definitely going to have to try it!

  11. says

    How fascinating! I love hominy in posole, don’t think I have ever had white hominy; how fun and simple to make and with the guava paste, I bet it tastes so wonderful, a great contrast of flavors.

  12. Francijoe says

    I eat Mazamorra with a little sugar, milk and strawberry jam. What is use to make the yellow mazamorra……….?

  13. Myriam says

    hola Erika tus recetas son fantasticas pero tengo un comentario acerca de la “mazamorra colombiana” el nombre debe ser “mazamorra paisa” porque la verdadera mazamorra es del altiplano colombiano es una sopa hecha con maiz porva carne, papas, habas arvejas y tallos el maiz se samchcha se muele y se hace la maza para espezar la mazamorra.y el nombre es “mazamorra chiquita” la bebidas frias las llamamos mazato algunas son hechas con arroz, maiz y mana

    • Erica says

      Hola Myriam- Gracias por tu comentario. Ya pensaba publicar las otras mazamorras con sus nombres. Solo que esta es la mas popular en Colombia y la queria diferenciar de los otros paises en sur America por que ellos tambien tiene otras mazamorras, pero estoy deacuerdo contigo. solo que si cambio el titulo puedo causar problemas en mi pagina con google.
      Mucos de mis lectores me preguntaban por esta mazamorra y la llamaban Colombiana, pero como buena paisa se que es “Mazamorra Paisa”

      Gracias por tu maravilloso comentario. :)

  14. Natalia says

    Hi Erica,
    I was very excited when I saw this recipe because I loved mazamorra as a kid… So I bought white hominy and tried making it. Followed your instructions, but for some reason it turned out SALTY! Blegh… Did I do something wrong? Please help!

  15. Natalia says

    Yes, I did rinse it. Maybe I didn’t do it well enough?

    I actually have a box mix of Mazamorra (Kind of like this but a different brand) that I’ve been too lazy to make because it takes so long.

    Thanks for this recipe though, I might give it another go. It’s just such a great shortcut!

  16. says

    Hi Erica,

    I just wrote about mazamorra con canela and while taking some info from Wikipedia, I thought having a recipe in English would be nice to add to it and I found that here! Thanks! I’ve actually had this but it was in Northern Brazil. Canela is also popular there where it is called rapadura.


  17. Mauricio says

    Yo soy de Panama y nosotros hacemos una comida similar. La diferencia es que hervimos el maiz en agua con palos de canela luego, cuando el maiz esta listo le agrregamos leche enlatada ( evaporada) y leche de coco, un poco de azucar y poco sal.

  18. leidy says

    erica que bueno haber encontrado esta pagina, yo no soy muy buena en la cocina pero me encanta la comida colombiana, soy de medellin y mi esposo es italiano y el le encata, asi ya podre hacerle unos platos bien ricos, la mazamorra me encanta y siempre le tenia que decir a mi papa que me la hiciera jejeje, pero tu recetas son bien especificada y claras para hacer.


    • Erica says

      Alex- Si la quieres hacer desde el principio…..compra maiz sin cocinar lo remojas y lo cocinas por 2 a 3 horas. Yo lo hice de forma facil!!!!

  19. esperanza says

    Erika, hace unos dias murio my Madre en Ibague, Tolima. Al recordarla, mi memoria me lleva a la Mazamorra con leche y el bocadillo que nosotros llamamos. El senor que la preparaba, pasaba vendiendola por todas los barrios y era una cosa que ella esperaba diariamente. Es deliciosa.
    Yo habia hace tiempo oido de que aqui en los estados unidos se llamaba hominy pero no me habia propuesto a buscarla hasta ahora que vi nuevamente el nombre en un plato mexicano. Voy a ir al supermercado esta noche y por seguro esta va a ser parte de mi comida esta noche.

    Yo encuentro tu pagina de internet muy util y similar a lo que yo recuerdo de mi patria. Gracias por tu servicio.

  20. Erin says

    Seeing this recipe made me smile. When I lived in Cali every morning a man with a push cart and a bullhorn came by 2-3 times a day in my neighborhood yelling Mazamorra. So naturally of course by my second day I had to try it. His was really good but my husband’s grandmother’s was better as it always is. Thank you so much for your recipes I use your blog as my go to when I cook for my husband’s family and I have always received rave reviews!

  21. pamela says

    I am sorry but this is the worst thing I ever eaten in Colombia or anywhere. They serve it with bits of chewy candy so you can stomach it. The masamora I had which is very typical of Armenia, Colombia, had bits of dried corn floating in it, and other than that no flavor whatsoever, no salt, no spice, just like you have said water mixed with milk, I thought it was flour mixed with water it was so watery, but could be as you have said here, water mixed with milk., Sorry but horrible! The only way me and my friends were able to down it (as we didn´t want to be rude to our host) was to put the candy in our mouth and swallow quick! The Colombians love it and it is sold on the street corners. Just the thought makes me ill. I do love hominy however, such as pozole in mexico, but masamora, never!

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