1. Pedropablo says

    Dear Erica:
    It’s a pleasure to see our Colombian food presented to the world with such class.
    Chef owner
    Beanwood Latin Bistro

    • Maritza says

      I absolutely agree with Clara, a cookbook for expats…. :) Thank you for bringing me home with this incredible blog. God bless you.

  2. Brad says

    Just back from Colombia, my first trip. My wife is from Bogota and has a lot of family there. I love the Colombian food, and seeing all these great recipes is giving us lots of ideas for future meals. Thank you for sharing the wonderful cuisine of a beautiful country! I can’t wait to go back again!

  3. Monique says

    Thank you for these great recipes. My husband is from Colombia and the smile on his face is priceless when I cook food from his country. Your website allows me to combine our culture and traditions.

  4. Alice Pereira says

    I was tempted not to write but after following your web site for over
    two months, you deserve to be told how wonderful it is.
    At least once a week, I try one of your recipes. They all come out
    great. These are the only recipes that I’ve ever followed that
    actually come out good. I’m usually skeptical about following
    written recipes.
    I’m originally from the Boston area but have been living in Sicily
    for the past 13 years. My parents are Portuguese, so I grew up eating
    real Portuguese food. Everyday I have to cook lunch and dinner from
    scratch. I usually cook traditional Sicilian dishes, which I learnt
    from my 93 year old mother-in-law and other times I cook my mom’s
    recipes. So you can imagine, I’m a bit cynical of modern recipes.
    For a few months now, I’ve been really interested in Colombian
    culture. I don’t know why something just really attracts me, maybe
    it’s a past life thing, who knows, or maybe it’s the mix that
    I’ve always been searching for. In my free time (so to say, I have a
    4 year old daughter Pilar), I read up on Colombia. At one point, I
    wanted to try Colombian recipes (because to really feel the culture
    you must eat its food), so I looked up some books to buy. None of them
    convinced me and the only one that did cannot be sent to Italy. From
    there I did some research and came upon your site. What struck me
    right away was the fact that each recipe has its story. But what
    really won me over is the fact that you use real everyday people’s
    recipes. This morning, I made the Mantecada and to tell you the truth,
    I decided to make it because you got the recipe from a friend’s
    mother who is originally from Bogota. Unfortunately, I can’t make
    many of the things because of the lack of ingredients here. Imagine
    for the recipes that require coconut milk, I would have to buy a real
    coconut and make a hole in it. You can bet that the next time I go to
    the States, I’ll be dining in Colombian restaurants and the next day
    I’m there, I’m going out to buy the Colombiana soda.
    Colombian food is the perfect mix between the old and new world. Just
    imagine Colombians throughout generations have had to find that
    delicate balance of flavours between the two worlds.
    Thank you so much for sharing your culture. In my case, it has been a
    big enlightenment.

    Alice Pereira

  5. Lina R says

    Erica! Quería robarte unos minutos de tu ocupada agenda, para darte
    unas gracias gigantes por esta página. No tienes ni idea de la gran
    ayuda que ha sido para mi. También soy colombiana y casada con un
    Americano de raíces Dominicanas. Me case muy joven y todavía no
    sabía cocinar mucho y empece aprendiendo a cocinar la comida típica
    de la República Dominicana ya que es la comida favorita de mi esposo,
    y pues a mi también me encanta. Mientras éramos nosotros sólitos no
    había ningún problema pero llegaron los hijos y entendí que tenía
    que aprender a cocinar comida Colombiana para ofrecerles y enseñarles
    a mis príncipes sobre nuestra bella cultura… Pero no tenía ni una
    idea de donde aprender y mi madre desafortunadamente estoy lejos de
    ella, ya que vivo en otro estado.
    Tu página de cocina me ha caído como del cielo y he aprendido tantas
    cosas, que la última vez que estuve en NJ visitando a mi madre y
    hermanos les cocine unas lentejas que no me lo podían creer! Jajaj y
    en mi casa cocino por semanas, una semana comida Colombiana y otra
    semana cocina Dominicana y mis hijos han tomado un gran amor y
    satisfacción por nuestra cultura y sazón.

    Otra vez mil mil gracias por este gran proyecto que has hecho y muchas
    bendiciones y éxitos para ti y los tuyos :)

    ~Lina R

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