Brevas con Arequipe (Colombian-Style Figs Stuffed with Dulce de Leche)

Brevas con Arequipe

Brevas con Arequipe are a popular dessert in Colombia and a favorite in my family. My grandmother and mom made these as far back as I can remember. Mamita used to make pounds of Brevas con Arequipe and keep them in glass containers and give them to her kids to take home.

This will be a great treat to give for Valentine’s Day. In Colombia you’ll find Brevas con Arequipe at the supermarkets and we usually serve them with fresh cheese on the side. I absolutely love this simple and delicious traditional Colombian dessert!

Buen provecho!

brevas con arequipe y queso



brevas rellenas de arequipe


  1. Cut the figs crosswise from the top, halfway down.
  2. Create an opening and scoop about 3 teaspoons of arequipe into the opening.
  3. Serve them with fresh cheese or place the in a glass jar and store up to 4 days.
  4. figs

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