Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese Empanadas

Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese Empanadas

How about a flaky pastry pocket filled with Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese for an appetizer today? Sounds good to me!

With the holidays ahead, you can make a big batch and freeze what’s left to serve later for appetizers, snacks or quick meals when you need them. Here is the recipe for Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese Empanadas I shared on Parade Magazine last week.

You can view the rest of my posts on Parade here.

Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese Empanadas

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  1. Diana says

    I love these recipes, BUT… I think you should post, as part of the recipe, how to make the empanada discs. Many of us don’t know, and it’s annoying to look for it somewhere else and then come here and find the rest of it. I’ve seen this in most empanada recipes here.
    I’ve enjoyed your website very very much. Thank you!

  2. Maria Morales says

    estas empanadas se ven deliciosisimas pero yo tambien quiero preguntarte por la masa de las empanadas, estas no son de maiz, podrias decirme de que masa son?? que se hornean, pasta de hojaldre??
    gracias por tu respuesta

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