How to make Pulpa de Tamarindo (Tamarind Pulp)

How to make Pulpa de Tamarindo (Tamarind Pulp)

Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit very popular in Colombian cuisine. We use it to make tamarind juice (jugo de tamarindo), desserts and sauces for savory dishes.

I find dried tamarind at Hispanic markets in the US, sold either in their pods or in blocks with seeds. I usually buy the blocks, so I have less work to do.

What do you need to make the pulp:
(About 2 cups of pulp)

1 (14-ounce) block of tamarind
2 cups of water


  1. Place the tamarind block and water in a bowl
  2. How to make Pulpa de Tamarindo (Tamarind Pulp)

  3. Let it soak for 20 to 25 minutes. Using your hands grab a handful of the tamarind pods and squeeze the pulp hard to separate it from the seeds.
  4. How to make Pulpa de Tamarindo (Tamarind Pulp)

  5. Discard the seeds and keep the purée. Do this process until you have a thick and smooth pulp in the bowl.
  6. How to make Pulpa de Tamarindo (Tamarind Pulp)

  7. ransfer to a glass jar and place in the refrigerator. To freeze the pulp, place it in ice trays.
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  1. says

    I have been looking all over to find some tamarind paste and finally decided to make my own when I could not find any! Thanks so much for your recipe which is both easy and handy!

  2. Brittany says

    Hi Erica,
    I am doing a project for my Spanish 2 class in high school. We each were assigned a spanish speaking country, mine of course is Colombia. My project is making a food and I really want to make the bacon wrapped chicken with tamarind sauce. It looks absolutely delicious, my only problem is that i can not find tamarind anywhere around where I live. Im in West Virginia and was wondering if you knew where I could find some? any and all help is very appreciated. :)

  3. says

    Hi. I want to ask what is the best way to make this paste with fresh tamarind? I do not like buying blocks… and I prefer the fresh tamarind. ^^; I want to make tamarind balls but I’m struggling. T.T Help?

  4. Joanne says

    Hola thank you for your recipie I have been looking for it what if I have tamarind in shell would that still work instead of the block?


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