Colombian Refajo (Refajo Colombiano)

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Refajo is a popular Colombian cocktail made with beer and “Colombiana”, which is a soda from Colombia. It is a very simple recipe but refreshing and delicious. It is very popular in Colombian restaurants and it is a great accompaniment to our asados or grilled meats.

Refajo Colombia


In the USA I find Colombiana in a local Latin food supermarket or atAmigosFood.




  • 1 liter  Colombiana Soda
  • 2 liter  beer
  • 4 cups ice
  • 3 aguardiente shots (optional)

Colombian Food-Refajo


Mix all the ingredients serve and enjoy.

Refajo Colombiano
refajo recipe

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  1. says

    Perfect timing to post this Erica:-) its weekend. a perfect time to mingle & have a mug (or a jug?) of this when we are running 100 degrees plus outside.

  2. robert guerrero says

    OMG, I’m rolling on the floor laughing. My Mom is from Cali and we like to drink it on a hot day. Also, sometimes the women like to drink it so they don’t get so drunk. Thanks for the post. Brings me back to the homeland!

    Robert (Burbank, CA)

  3. Fercho says

    Hola, my son in law is from Scotlan and they have a drink named Iron Brew that tastes exactly as Colombiana.

  4. Isabel Cristina says

    No tienes bebidas con panela!!!
    que mas tipico de Colombia que una agua de panela fria o caliente…
    Your missing recipes with Panela ( made of sugar cane juice) its very typical of Colombia, you will find cold drinks, with some lime juice, or hot…its delicious…..
    Me encanta haber encontrado tu pagina, las recetas son faciles de seguir..

  5. Linda says

    I had the opportunity to try Refajo at a Colombian Pavilion during our Folkorama Days…very enjoyable. Can you tell me if Colombiana Soda is like Cream Soda?

  6. Natalia Leal Gómez says

    I am Colombian and Colombian refajo alcoholism can be high if he appends a lot of beer, I have 14 years and take refajo since I was 12 years, I would not put a lot of beer, but in hot weather most people are not drunk so much, that this is partly energizing, I have taken more than 6 drinks. In Colombia also be purchased already prepared, is called “Cola & Pola”, but I recommend that if you drink it in cold weather, and not being accustomed to this beverage, began to feel dizzy from the second drink, what happened in my case the first time I drank.

  7. Ann says

    This is very cultural. I had this in Colombia and there was nothing appealing about this drink. There are so many other things about Colombian food that are however.

  8. Michelle says

    I grew up drinking Refajo. We use Colombiana, Pony Malta (a dark barley type soda), and Heineken (in the USA the taste is the closest to the Colombian beer).

  9. Robert says

    If you live in the UK ( they might deliver to the continent and Ireland, I’m not sure ) then you can buy colombiana here.,54043216

    • Robert says

      Or if you don’t like ordering things online and live really far away from London like me then Irn-Bru is a good substitute, although you’re making it a tad Scottish and it can be hard to find in England (my family is from Scotland) although you can find it if you really look, I think you can buy it in Greggs, of course, if you live in Scotland it’s really easy to find (don’t go looking for it in the US because your government banned it for some odd reason).

  10. debi says

    I provided this for my Columbian ESL student at our dinner last night. He had mentioned it during one of our classes this year.
    I found the Columbiana at the Asian/world Market here. It was not at the larger Latino store. They also had cans of Columbian champagne cola – which I wasn’t sure was the same. My student said it didn’t taste quite like what they get in Columbia, but it was close with BudLite.
    I must admit, it sounded like a bad combo, but really was quite good. It is great on a hot day and if you are wanting to limit your alcohol consumption. It’s also good with aguardiente – but oh my, that would be so dangerous!
    Thanks for the recipe! It was a hit that will be on the menu for future BBQ’s.


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