How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven

How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven

Today I want to share a quick and simple recipe for Dulce de Leche, or Arequipe, in the oven. I’ve been a huge fan of this delicious and creamy Latin dessert for as long as I can remember. I usually have a jar in my fridge for recipes, or to eat by the spoonful :-) By the way, in case you didn’t know, Arequipe and Dulce de Leche are one in the same, but in Colombia, we typically refer to it as Arequipe.

I usually make my Arequipe, or Dulce de Leche, from scratch, but sometimes I don’t have the time or patience to cook it on the stove, or go to the Latin market to buy a jar. There are different ways to make Dulce de Leche at home with the same result, a delicious, decadent, and thick caramel sauce.

How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven

Another ingredient I always have in my pantry is sweet condensed milk, a staple used to make Colombian desserts and to make Arequipe the easy way.

Here is a link to my other recipe for homemade Arequipe, or Dulce de Leche, made from scratch.

Buen provecho!



  • 1 can of sweet condensed milk

How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven


  1. Place the sweet condensed milk in a baking dish and cover it with foil.
  2. How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven

  3. Place the dish in a large roasting pan and fill it up with water to create a water bath (baño de maria). Bake at 400 degrees F for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Check about every 25 minutes the water level and add more if necessary.
  4. Remove from the oven and whisk until smooth. Let it cool and enjoy!
  5. How to make Dulce de Leche or Arequipe in the Oven

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  1. says

    Very interesting Erica. I have made it on the stove top but didn’t know you can make it in the oven as well. Will definitely make it :)

  2. Shelly says

    Definitely quicker and easier. My Colombian friend always took the can of sweetened condensed milk and boiled it in water. It took about four hours and we were constantly adding water to make sure it stayed covered! No, we never had it explode. This is SO much easier!

  3. Sindy says

    This is good to know and way easier than I was taught. I was taught to keep the dulce de leche in the can, cover the can with water and boil it for 4 hours.

    Thanks! Now I can enjoy Arequipe sooner

  4. Tom says

    I’m still old school and boil my cans of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours on the stovetop. This way I can do several cans at a time and put a couple back in the cupboard!

  5. Cindy says

    Thank you for the great idea! I just put the can of condensed milk in the crock-pot with some water and let it simmer for a few hours, I use my crock-pot for everything. Anyway, I did have some concerns about cooking in the can, so I am pleased with this alternative, and I can still use my crock-pot.

  6. Dolly says

    Erica, to make it, into cocadas de arequipe, afterward, what do I do?
    should I add coconut flakes and bake them like cookies? I would like
    to learn how to make coscada de arequie, LOVE THEM!!!!

  7. Gerardo says

    haganlo en la holla de presion es mas rapido dependiendo del tamaño de la lata de leche condensada, la lata de la foto arroba se demora de 20 a 25 minutos.Asi lo hago yo desde hace muchos años.

  8. Gerardo says

    Hallo,you can do it in the pressure cooker, is faster depending on the size of the can of condensed milk, the can on the photo above takes 20-25 min.

  9. Sonnia says


    Try the Carlsblad Oblaten brand. Usually found in gourmet grocery store’s cookie section. -Very close to an oblea.
    oblaten dot com

  10. Kelly says

    Erica- Do I put my refrgerated Arequipe recipe in the condensed milk? I’m not quite understanding how the condesed milk yields to the Areuipe…

  11. Fred says

    Congratulations for this wonderful website. I was looking for Salsa Golf recipe and I was lucky to click in “mycolombianrecipes” Erica you have a new fan.

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