Sandwich Elena Ruz ( Cuban Turkey Sandwich)

Sandwich Elena Ruz ( Cuban Turkey Sandwich)

I love Cuban food and sandwiches are an important part of Cuban cuisine. I have family in Florida who I would visit before I came to live in the United States and that is where I learned a little about Cuban food.

My uncle was married with a Cuban women and she cooked delicious and authentic Cuban food. On one of my visits, she introduced me to this delicious turkey sandwich. When I first heard of the ingredients, I was a little scared about those flavors together, but after my first bite I could not stop eating it. It is delicious and the flavors actually work fantastic together. I love the combo of salty and sweet foods, so to me this is a wonderful combination.

My friend Joan from Foodalogue is going to Cuba this week on her virtual culinary tour and I am joining her with the Elena Ruz Cuban Sandwich.

Buen Provecho!


Cuban sweet sandwich rolls or any other sweet rolls
Turkey breast
Cream cheese, softened
Strawberry preserves


Slice each roll in half. Spread one slice of bread with cream cheese and spread the other slice with strawberries preserve. Top one of the slices with the turkey breast.

Close the sandwich and place on hot large skillet. Press down with a heavy pot to flatten the sandwich. Heat it for about 2 minutes on each side.

Slice the sandwich and serve.

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  1. says

    Funny, I’ve always been a little leery about the sandwich because of the strange (to me) combination of ingredients and generally opt for the more traditional Sandwich Cubano. But you make it look very enticing. Thanks for bringing it on the tour.

  2. says

    You have just presented me with the PERFECT sandwich for our panini press. Turkey, cream cheese and strawberry preserves? Oh, Alexis is going to love me for this one when I make it for her.

  3. says

    this actually sounds really delicious to me–i love salty-sweet combinations. frankly, it’s almost like dessert…a protein-rich dessert. :)

  4. says

    Wow! I am used to eating cubanos with pickles (which I lovvve and actually are the reason I gave pickles another chance after hating them for years) but I totally love the idea of putting on something sweet like strawberry jam! Definitely going on my list of things to try!

  5. says

    This looks really good! I also had this combination of sweet (bread) and savoury things to go with the bread. I thought it was really good.

  6. Cecelia says

    My Cuban grandma made a variant of these for me every day in preschool. I was so confused because she just used cream cheese and strawberry jam on white bread, now I see where she got it from! It tastes very good with the turkey.


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