1. I’m even further away from this Medellin bakery, Astor, so how wonderful of you to make this and share the recipe with us! I am already dreaming about the taste and texture of this dessert . . . so delicious!

  2. pastry delight indeed! my goodness, i’ve never seen anything quite like this–it’s super tempting and completely decadent, erica–thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this scrumptious recipe! I am looking forward to making this for my family this weekend!

  4. Erica, I made this dessert last week and it was wonderful. My husband missed the milhojas from Colombia and he loved yours. Thank you so much.

  5. Hola Erica. I made these last night for the second time now and they are absolutely wonderful. The only question I have is if you have any suggestions on how to cut it into individual pieces because when I do it, it just falls apart. =D

  6. Tomo español y tengo que preparar una receta. Tuvimos que dibujar una tarjeta para ver qué país nosotros tuvimos que escoger de y mi grupo consiguió Colombia. Mi profesora es de Colombia y yo quiero hacer un plato tan bueno.
    ¡Esto parece realmente delicioso!

  7. Thanks, Erica! I’m making this today for Colombian Dinner night! A friend of mine is Colombian and I visited Medellin over the Christmas holiday with her. I tried to fit the entire Astor store in my suitcase. All the treats are decedent. I can’t wait to try this tonight. This is going to be a surprise for my friend!

  8. I lived in South America for 10 years, and met people from all across the region, and this cake was always known as a Chilean speciality.

  9. Just returned from a vacation in Colombia. Getting ready for an evening of sharing our photos with family & asked my hubby what to make for dessert. He said this dessert. I thought I’d never find the recipe & would have to wing it….but here it is! THANKS!

  10. These look amazing! I’d love to make them for culture week, as I am doing a report on Colombia. How many does this recipe make?


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