Bollo de Yuca (Yuca Wrapped)

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Bollo de yuca

Bollo de Yuca is a popular dish from the coast of Colombia. It is mashed yuca or cassava, wrapped in corn husks, and is typically served as a side dish with chorizos and butifarras. Bollo de Yuca is kind of bland by itself, but serve it with chorizo, and you’ll have the perfect couple! There is another variation of Bollo de Yuca made with anise seeds and coconut, and those are delicious all by themselves.

Buen provecho!



(4 bollos de yuca)

  • 2 pounds yuca or cassava
  • Salt to taste
  • Corn husks or aluminium foil (for wrapping)


  1. Cook the yuca in a large pot with salted water over medium heat for about 15 minutes or until fork tender.
  2. Drain the yuca and remove any fibers from the center. Transfer to a large bowl ,add salt and mash.
  3. For each cake arrange 2 corn husks on a work surface. Divide the mashed yuca evenly and place in the center of the husks.
  4. Bollo de Yuca 1 step

  5. Roll the corn husks so that the filling is completely enclosed. Twist and tie the ends.
  6. Bollo de Yuca step 2

  7. Have a pot with water ready for steaming. Steam the cakes, covered, for 1 hour.
  8. Bollo de Yuca step 3

  9. Serve with chorizos on the side.
  10. Bollo de Yuca step  4

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  1. says

    I might be able to make this, Erica! Using corn husks and I’m certain Whole Foods has yucca. But it sounds like the chorizo is the clue to a great dish. Have to make certain I get a flavorful chorizo.

  2. Jeannie says

    What a coincidence! I made a yuca cake just last weekend! This yuca wraps looks interesting! We usually steam it whole not mashed.

  3. says

    how interesting……we make something similar to this (wrapped in banana leaves) but more as a snack—with sugar and coconut milk…it’s pretty good….do you make your own chorizo? I’ve been looking forever for a great Spanish chorizo recipe (not the Mexican version with vinegar in it)…thanks for the post

  4. says

    Mmmmm…I would definitely like that, I love yuca and with chorizo must be very yummy. It’s so difficult to find yuca around here….thou.

  5. says

    Anything that compliments the flavors of Chirzo is a good recipe! This looks simple, but incredibly delicious! Yummy! thank you, as always, for sharing your recipes! I actually have some chirzo in the fridge, so all I need now is the yucca to make this dish come together!

  6. says

    I know that has to be a marriage made in heaven. My mouth actually watered when I looked at this post…and I’d definitely like to hear more about the bollos with coconut and anise seed.

  7. VivianV says

    I love bollos in all types: corn, plantain, yucca, with coconut, anise, cheese.
    What a great contribution to your blog!
    You can eat them with almost everything on earth (grilled meat, fresh cheese, fried pork, eggs for breakfast with sour cream, cured meats etc…)

    But please note that you don’t need to cook the yucca, just grate/grind the yucca and mixing it with salt or another combination: anise, coconut, cheese etc, and go ahead and form the bollos into the corn husks, tied them on the ends and proceed to steamed for about 1 hour as directed on your recipe above… The result is even better.
    I am from Barranquilla and bollos are part of my daily diet.
    Hope you try and let me know
    Thank again for such a wonderful blog.

  8. says

    I love yucca, and not bland at all to me with salt and plenty of fresh lime. I make them instead of mashed potatoes quite often. Does cooking them in the corn husks add any flavor to them?

  9. Ana says

    I’m happy with recipes from this page,I was wonder about bollo de yuca recipe now I’m waiting for this comming weekend to make them. I’m from Barranquilla, and my parents from Bucaramanga. I love food from my city but I don’t know how to cooked. If someone has recipes like bollo de angelito, arepa de huevo, sopa de guandules con carne salada, deditos de queso, arepas de anis, etc,….. I’ll really appreciate it. :)

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