2011 Holiday Desserts

Hi everyone and happy holidays to all of you and your families’. Are you looking for inspiration and recipes for your holiday party?

This is the last post in my 2011 Holiday Series and these are some of my favorite desserts and happy endings from my blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you’ve missed any of the posts in this holiday series, here are the links for each of them: for the appetizers click here, for the side dishes click here, main dishes click here, and for the soups, click here.

Buen provecho!

Rice Pudding

Three Milks Cake

Guava and Cheese Flan

Colombian-Style Pudding

Colombian Pastry

Colombian Style Cassava Cake

Tangerine Esponjado

Banana-Pecan and Dulce de Leche Upside Down Cake

Bread Pudding with Dulce de Leche Sauce

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  1. says

    Your Cassava cake is very similar to what we have here except we do not add cheese and I love it very much!I must try your version one day, thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you and your family:)

  2. says

    Spent a lot of time going through your links and love them all. Love them all and now that my children are all here, I am going to make the three milks cake!

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