Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)

by Erica Dinho on May 14, 2013

Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)

Today I am sharing another classic and easy to make Colombian recipe with you, a dish called Pescado Aborrajado. It is a simple fried battered fish dish that is popular around the country.

Making my grandmother’s recipe for this Colombian-Style Battered Fish brought back a lot of wonderful memories for me. It had been a long time since I had Pescado Aborrajado. Mamita used to make it at least twice a month and I loved it!

Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)

I was very close to my grandmother growing up and spend a lot of time at her house, I even lived with her for a while. I was lucky enough to experience her cooking every day. I really miss Mamita and her Colombian food.

Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)

I hope you enjoy this Pescado Aborrado as much as I do. My grandmother made this dish with trout or cod fish. I used cod fish this time, but feel free to use trout. Either way, this is a simple, but delicious dish.

Buen provecho!

Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)



  • 4 servings
  • Batter

  • 1 egg, beaten
4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
½ tablespoon sazon Goya with azafran
¼ cup milk
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fish

  • 4 cod or trout fillets
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • Vegetable or canola oil for cooking the fish

Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)


  1. o make the batter: In a mixing bowl, combine the beaten egg, flour, sazon goya, milk, salt and pepper. Whisk to make a smooth batter.
  2. Season the fish with salt, pepper and ground cumin. Dip the fish fillets in the batter, letting the excess drip off.
  3. Heat about 2 inches of oil in a skillet. Fry the fish for about 5 to 7 minutes until crispy and brown. Remove the fish and place on paper towels. Season with salt and pepper and serve warm.
  4. Pescado Aborrajado (Colombian-Style Battered Fish)

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1 Belinda @zomppa May 14, 2013 at 7:04 PM

That fish has the absolutely perfect crust!


2 Jeannie May 15, 2013 at 2:11 AM

Looks delicious! I love fish and chips, so I’ll love this too! Beautiful photos!


3 Joanne May 16, 2013 at 8:09 AM

That fish has such a great crust on it!


4 Nusrat Azim May 16, 2013 at 4:04 PM

Goosebumps all over !
Shiver-inducing recipe and photos. Loved it :)


5 Chris May 22, 2013 at 2:32 PM

I usually don’t care for fish at all but I think even I would like this fish with that golden crispy crust! That second picture is just gorgeous.


6 Anisri May 26, 2013 at 12:06 PM

I love your website and all the recipes, I grew up in Colombia and love our food but unfortunately I did not learn how to cook. With your recipes I have been able to learn and cook the food that I was given at home while growing up. Mil y mil gracias!!!!


7 Emily Renate July 8, 2013 at 12:22 AM

Hey Erica- another wonderful recipe! I am wondering if you have found any fish here in the US to make something similar to mojarra frita? Thanks again.


8 Erica Dinho July 8, 2013 at 9:46 AM

It is coming soon!


9 Erin July 22, 2013 at 3:06 PM

Hi Erica,
I have been using your website as a guide to cook for my Colombian husband for years. I am running into an issue I follow an all organic diet of no processed foods. That means no more guanabana or lulo pulp =( I absolutely hate that Goya puts MSG and high fructose corn syrup into EVERYTHING! Do you have any alternatives to making your own Saffron from scratch? I use real saffron in my cooking but I use it sparingly since it is so expensive.


10 Erica Dinho July 22, 2013 at 4:17 PM

Erin- You can use achiote.


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