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Fresa Colada (Strawberry Colada)

resa Colada (Strawberry Colada) |

Classic Piña Colada is one of my favorite cocktails, however, on a trip to Cartagena many years ago, I fell in love with a Fresa Colada from the hotel where I was staying. It was incredible! Sweet, creamy and irresistibly pink. Last week, having ...

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10 Rice Side Dishes

10 Rice Side Dishes |

Rice is a staple in Colombian cuisine and my family was no exception. We ate white rice as a side dish with almost everything. But as much as I love a steaming pot of freshly cooked white rice, I love making variations of rice side dishes that ...

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Patacón Loaded Nachos

Patacón Loaded Nachos |

Do you know what’s better than classic nachos? Patacón Loaded Nachos or simply, “Pataconachos”! I am also a huge classic nacho fan. It’s one of my favorite appetizers to order in restaurants, but I'll take these Patacón Loaded Nachos any ...

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