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Cocido Boyacense (Boyacá Region Stew)

Cocido Boyacense (Boyacá Region Stew)|

Colombian cuisine is rich and diverse, thanks to geographical variety, a tropical climate, and the influence of different immigrant populations. A hearty stew known as cocido is eaten throughout Colombia but varies from region to region. This Cocido ...

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Chipotle Shrimp Mexican-Style Arepa

Chipotle Shrimp Mexican-Style Arepa|

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with BUSH’S Cocina Latina™ and Latina Bloggers Connect. I am a huge arepa fan, as many of you know. I could eat arepa three times a day and be a very happy girl. Arepas have been a fairly trendy ...

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Cinnamon-Sugar Focaccia Bread

Cinnamon- Sugar Focaccia Bread |

There is nothing quite like the smell of yeast as the dough rises, the wonderful aromas that fill the kitchen as the bread bakes and of course, getting to enjoy homemade bread, warm straight from the oven on a cold winter day. Even though I ...

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Coffee Crusted Pork Chops

Coffee Crusted Pork Chops |

We ate pork chops regularly at home when I was living in Colombia, but here in the United States, I don't make them nearly enough, and that's a shame! They're not very expensive and yet when cooked properly, can be as succulent and satisfying as an ...

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