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12 Traditional Colombian Cakes

12 traditional colombian cakes |

Colombian cuisine consists of a large collection of dessert recipes for just about any occasion. Today I want to share 12 Traditional Colombian Cakes that can be made all year round as well as for special occasions. Oh, and in case you missed it, ...

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Tortilla Paisa (Paisa Omelette)

Tortilla Paisa o Antioqueña (Ripe Plantain and Chorizo Omelette) |mycolombianrecipes.comd

This omelette is popular in the region of Antioquia. In Colombia, people from that region are known as “paisas”, which is why I call this tortilla “paisa”. I love the combination of chorizo and ripe plantain, it’s delicious. You can have it for ...

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Mango and Passion Fruit Mojito

Mango and Passion Fruit Mojito |

I don’t often drink alcoholic beverages because I don’t like the taste of most. However, I do sometimes enjoy a cocktail on a hot day, in the form of Margaritas, Mojitos and Piña Coladas. They are some of my favorite drinks and I love trying ...

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12 Must Try Colombian Breads

12 Traditional Colombian Breads you Must Try |

There are a million good reasons to visit Colombia. The people, for starters, are friendly, happy, warmhearted, generous, and culturally vibrant. Then there’s the landscape consisting of wonderful beaches, tropical trees, heavily laden with sweet ...

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